School's Out and Not Packing

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Aria's POV:

I smiled big and looked out at the clock. Five seconds left of my last year of high school. I can't believe it! The bell pulls me out of my thoughts, just as my classmates leave the classroom. Leaving just the teacher, my best friend, Charlotte, and I in the room. We run to the door and out of the school. I look back, and smile knowing I'm done. I grab her hand and we run to her car. Hoping in the silver convertable, we drive off. "Schools out!" She squeals. "No... Really?" I ask sarcastically. She's my only friend, and I can only be myself around her. She knows me so well, and I know her too. "Wanna grab lunch?" She asks. "Yup!" I say. We had a half day. We drive off singing to Blurred Lines at the top of our lungs. I would never do this with anyone else but her. We pull up to Wendy's, and hop out. She grabs my hand and runs to the door. I squeal and run with her. We walk in and I calm down. "Hi, can I please have a cheese burger and a vanilla shake?" I ask. "Sure. Anything else?" She asks. I shake my head no, and she says, "that will be $9.97." I give her the money and look down to her name tag. Jenny. She hands me my three cents and I put them in the tip jar. I smile and wait for the food. Char is over looking at the menu, stroking her nonexistent beard. I laugh at her habit and she looks over. Sending me her smirk, and waving. I wave back. "Excuse me miss, your food." Jenny says. "Thanks." I say, and go to find a table. Char walks over and sits. I take a bite of my cheeseburger and look up. She's doing the same. I smile and she speaks up. "So, did you here that One Direction is going to Japan?" "Who?" I ask. She laughs and says "Never mind. Wanna sleepover?" "Sure." I smile. We finish up and leave.

Louis' POV:

"Go pack." Liam says for the 1000000th time. "No." I smirk. "Come on, lets pack." Harry says. "Ok." I say. Liam rolls his eyes and gets up and GO'S to his room. I go into my room with hazza. I open my suit case and start throwing clothes in. A crumpled shirt hits my head, and hazza starts laughing. "Hahaha." I say, and throw it back at him. "YOU'RE ON HAZ!" I say and throw everything I packed at him. In a couple of seconds, we're in a full on clothes war. The door opens and Niall walks in. Harry chucks a shirt at his head, and Niall shouts, "Hey!" Then he closes the door and joins the clothes war. After five minutes there was no clothes in my closet of drawers, it's all over the place. I don't care. We keep going for fifteen minutes until Liam walks in. "LOUIS!" He shouts. I just throw a shirt at his head, and run into the closet. "FOR NARNIA!" I shout, and run in. I close it behind I and hold the handel so no one could open it. I hold it closed for a while, and then open it. No ones in my room, and my clothes are packed and put away. "THANKS LIAM!" "You're welcome." He says from behind me. "AHHH!" I scream. Three boys run into the room with weapons, well, two weapons and a pillow. "Hehe, never mind. I say." They leave. Liam speaks up. "Hi." He says. I wave, and then go to the deck. I watch the people below, most being fans screaming and trying to get into the hotel building. I sigh and watch the sky. Woah! Was that a shooting star? I close my eyes and make a wish. "I wish my life would be less hestic." I walk back in, and shout, "NIGHT BOYS!"

Aria's POV:

After a long night of chic flics and magazines, we are pooped. I say night, and fall asleep on her bed.

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