,red blood diamond

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as my father ran to the car my mom followed. I was on the way. dad said he was more nervous then mom was I laugh at that more so mom got in the car and dad left for the hospital but they never made it . I waited for a bit for dad and mom I was going to be a big brother again I tried calling dad but no answer so I called mom no answer I got worried so I got back in my car and left to go find them I saw their camery setting on the side of the road lights were on motor still running but no sign of life was there a looked down to find dads gun laying in the seat I thought "that's odd why was dad carrying his gun if he was going to the hospital " then I remeberd dad sticking something in his pocket a red stone of some sort almost like a diamond .

Chapter 1

It was a normal day for me as I sat in my chair in math class looking at the clock watching as time slowly passed by. I was not the smartest kid in school but I tried to be every time I answers a qushtion my sister had some smart remark for it so I try not to raise my hand anymore but since then iv asked several time to be moved to a different class but they say I need the credits so I'm stuck in here with her and if your wondering what she's like take ur girlfriends PMS times 100 and give it a prepy personality and that's my sister . then there's Tami the love of my life but she don't know it yet I can't find it in me yet to ask her out she was to cute for me I would never stand a chance with her she sat in the front row in class next to her friends

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