Chapter 4- An Old Encounter

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Chapter 4


A New Encounter


A blue fin flaps above water and flickers over a gray rock. A blue head with a white ring around it bobs out of the water. The Pokemon jumps out of the sparkling blue stream, onto a rock. Its ears had yellow fins attached to it, and her eyes were purple, and her tail ended with a double fin, like a dolphins. She had four legs with webbed paws and pink pads.

The wild Vaporeon stood on the rock and shook of her fur. She lay on the rock and sunned her pelt, the warmth of the rock spreading though her body. Suddenly a spay of water soaked her. Letting out a squeak of surprise, Vaporeon leaped back into the water to hide, to only find Marill. Marill had a white underside, and round ears with red insides. Vaporeon let out a sigh of relief.

"Marill, you scared me." She let out a deep breath.

"Oops! Sorry." Marill giggles and swims away down the river.

Vaporeon laughs and flips her tail to swim, swimming through the corals. A pink coral sprouted out from the sandy floor, hiding a small cave, glittering with crystals. Vaporeon swam through the cave, before jumping out into an open clearing. A small pile of leaves lay in one corner, and Vaporeon lay down in her bed. She grabbed a berry next to her bedding, munching quietly. Without realizing it, she slowly drifted asleep.

* * *


A voice yowled, jolting Vaporeon awake. She ran to the small pool of water, leaping in and swimming back out of the cave. A black figure floated underwater, air bubbles sprinkling up from its nose. Vaporeon swam forward, cautiously. It had yellow circles, and a red circle on its forhead. Recognizing the marks Vaporeon let out a gasp. She grabbed the black Pokemon by its scruff on the back of his neck, lifting him from the sea floor, to the cool air. She lay him on a rock, leaving him coughing and sputtering.

"Who are you?" She said from behind a rock. A tan bag hung around his neck.

"I could ask you the same thing." He sputtered.

"Well, considering I just saved your life."

"Fine. Its Umbreon."

"I know."

"Then why did you ask?"

"I wanted to know if it was true."

"Yeah well it is, now tell me your name." He sat down on his back paws, shaking out his wet fur.

"I don't have to."

"Yeah your right, I know your name."

"Wh- what?"

"What is it Vaporeon? Terrified that I haven't forgotten you?" The voice came from behind her. She spun around to find Umbreon snickering.

"What is it this time Umbreon?" She shivered. "Like you haven't done enough damage."

"Damage? What damage?" He smiled and shrunk closer.

Vaporeon winced, and took a step towards the water.

"Don't hide in the water, I'll have to jump in. And I know you don't have what it takes to let me drown. No matter how many times I jump in after you." He took a step closer.

"Yeah, and you don't have what it takes to be polite to a lady." She frowned.

"Polite? I'm just here making my rounds. Some how you always seem to avoid me every time. Not like you don't need the money." He through three coins to her.

"Others need it more than me." She grabbed the coins with her tail and through them to the bank of the river, and a Polywhirl came and took it.

"Oh come on, don't be like that." He nuzzled her with his nose. "Can we talk?"

"Oh yeah, well so far you seem the same to me. To blind to see when others care about you. Care so much, they can't bare to see you go off and steal, maybe to not come back. Well I'm done caring Umbreon. I don't want to worry anymore. I'm done." Her eyes were gleaming with tears, and she slowly backed away, before jumping back into the water, going deep into her cave.

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