Sebastian Returns

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When i wake up Izzy isn't where i saw her fall asleep. But i hear movement in the kitchen. I get up and walk into the kitchen to see Jocelyn trying to teach Izzy how to make a fried egg and by the look on Jocelyns face it's bot going so well.

"Izzy you have to flip it" she says.

"But i don't think it's ready yet" she says.

"Iz it's time to flip the egg don't worry" Jocelyn says. Izzy flips the egg and Jocelyn turns toward the door way i'm standing in. "Morning Simon"

"Morning" i reply.

"Hey Simon" Izzy says.

"Hey you" i say back. Then i feel a par on the back, wince, and look at Luke who had apparently just came down.

"Hey Simon haven't seen you for a while" he says.

"Hey yeah i know i went on a trip" i say slowly. I don't know if i should tell Luke what has happened.

"But you-" Izzy starts.

"A. Trip" i say.

"You two sleep okay?" Luke asks.

"I slept a little not a lot" Isabelle and I say together.

"Simon, you slept? Vampires don't sleep usually" Luke says cutting into an egg Jocelyn had given him.

"Well it wasn't a planned trip" i say scratching the back of my head and sitting at the table. "It was sort of a surprise that no one like. I was uhm taken and they used a seraph blade on my back and yea"

"May i see?" He asks. "Look i took a year of Med school and studied this kind of stuff when i was a shadowhunter"

"You may not be happy of what we came up with" Isabelle says. Just as i go to loft my shirt i hear a muffled scream and look to Jocelyn and see Sebastian holding a knife to her neck. "Speaking of what we came up with" Isabelle says takinv out a seraph blade.

"Now Isabelle if i were you i'd put that down unless you want blood everywhere and my dead mom on the floor" Sebastian says smirking.

"You wouldn't kill your own mother" i say.

"Oh Simon but i would" Sebastian says. "Now Isabelle put the knife down and Luke if i were you i'd stop moving" i just noticed Luke was moving toward Sebastian and growling. Luke stops and looks at Sebastian. "Good doggy" Sebastian says mockingly. "Now i wish a good day to you all" he says. The. He takes a step back and disappears into a portal that just appeared. Isabelle runs to where he was and found a small note on the floor. She reads it and puts it down shakily.

"Isabelle what did the note say?" Like and i ask. She hands it to me an i show Luke while i read it.

Told you the Vampire was only step one.


God dammit. I stand up and pick my phone up and dial Clary's number the dial tone rings for what seems like ever and then she picks up.

"Simon? You feeling better?"

"Doesn't matter send Magnus, Alec, and Jace too your house now" i say. "I don't want you coming just yet"

"Well why on earth not?" She asks a little agitated.

"Just don't wait until we have things figured out-"

"Well i'm coming" she she hangs up the phone. Great now she's coming here.

Then the door bell rings and Luke answers it. No more than 2 minuets later Luke comes back in with Clary, Jace, Aelc, and Magnus. He didn't glitter his hair so he was rushed.

"Luke where's mom?" Clary asks. Luke kind of just looks to me.

"Step two?" I say. By the look on her face i know she knows what i meant.

"Sebastian has her?" She asks. I nod. Isabelle continues to sob. Jace looks concerned for once and hugs Clary. She starts to sob into his chest her stomach getting in the way and Luke goes over and she hugs him. A rock comes through the window and hits Isabelle in the back of the head.

"Ow" she says. She picks up the rock and there's a note attached to it. She reads it aloud. "Told you the Vampire was only step one" she says. We all just sit Clary is half crying and Jace is trying to calm her down. Magnus and Alec are holding hands. Isabelle's just reading the note then her eyes dart around the room and she stands up knocking down the chair she was sitting in.

"GOT IT" she yells.

"Got what?" Jace snaps.

"So Simon- Step one must be vampire blood from a Vampire who doesn't act like one. He's a day lighter and has Shadowhunter blood. Jocelyn- Step two a Shadowhunter who technically quit being a shadowhunter. Sebastian is targeting people in our group of friends that he thinks don't belong and or are breaking clave law" she explains. Another rock comes through the window. She picks it up and reads it.

"Congratulations you figured out my plan. Too bad it's in motion and unstoppable. Watch out for your friends for some won't survive what id to come. Jocelyn starts this" she puts tye note down. "Okay. How the Hell does he know what were saying?!" Magnus was dazed out and then he waves his hand a blue flash comes out of his hand and we follow it to the knife drawer where a small black box no bigger than an eye sits.

"Microphone" Magnus says. "Guess he's thorough" he pulls it out and smashes it with a spoon. "Now he can't hear us"

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