Chapter 6

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“When I fell out the window I couldn’t see because the blood was blocking my eye-site. I heard the voice of the E2 that was shocking me. He must’ve been on a phone or something. But he said your name and……” Reese’s voice trailed off.

“Look, I know that you and I, we haven’t really been on speaking terms lately. I know that you don’t like me, but… Why or how would you accuse me of something like that?” Nathan asked.

June heard real honesty in his voice.

“How could he be an E2?” Jimmy asked. He continued, “Whenever we touched him to get him out of the car, he would’ve shocked us even if he was passed out. And I can’t sense him as an E2.”

“I don’t know. I’m just telling you what I heard,” Reese answered.

“Well, you heard wrong!” June yelled. “He couldn’t be an E2! You hit your head I mean…You fell out a window and got hurt badly. You were just delierous, that’s all,” June said.

“And E2’s don’t know about cars,” Jimmy added.

“How does a person not know about cars? They’re stupid,” June said.

“Well technically they’re not a person,” Jimmy said.

June raised an eyebrow.

“So, they’re not….human?” June asked.

“No, you just now figured that out?” Jimmy asked her.

“Yeah,” she answered in a “duh” sort of tone.

“Gosh, you’re retarded,” Jimmy mumbled.

“Anyways…” April started.

“Nathan isn’t an E2! He couldn’t be!!” June yelled.

“Okay, he’s not,” Reese mumbled, just to stop an argument. But, Reese knew what he heard. I wasn’t delirous, he thought.

“Maybe there’s another Nathan,” April suggested, also trying to stop the fighting.

Reese didn’t reply. He knew otherwise. He knew that there had been something up with him ever since he’d met him.


An hour later, they were all sitting around talking.

“Really? I had no idea!” April was saying. Reese didn’t really feel like he should join in the conversation.

And even if he did, he didn’t want to.

Jimmy cut off from what he was saying.

“Who are you?” June asked, looking up. There was a man probably in his thirty’s standing only a few yards away. He had (to June) Elvis-looking hair. Black-ish eyes, black hair, pale white skin. He had hightop black converse, blue jeans and a long-sleeved shirt on.

“Excuse me for interupting. I hate to disturb you,” he said. His voice was soft and deep. It was low, very low. But, to June, it wasn’t scary. Like Nathan, he had an accent she couldn’t name.

But, unlike June, Reese wasn’t noticing just his looks.

He noticed the resemblance.

The resemblance between Nathan and the man. He made a mental list in his head:

·       They both had black hair.

·       They both had strange and unusual accents. Unreconizable.

·       They’re voices were both different but not scary. Like the sound.

·       They both had nice smooth skin.

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