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"Where's the pillow?" Louis asked. "She told me she'd put a pillow in between them." He added. "Aww look how cute she looks when she sleeps!" Liam whispered. "I mean," Liam said clearing his throat. "Look how cute they look together." Liam said. I moaned. "Take the picture before she wakes up." Zayn whispered. There was a flash. "I'm gonna kill you all." I said, half asleep. They held in their laughs then ran out. "Harry." I moaned, then put my hand on his chest. I stretched then yawned. "Come on, get up." I said sitting up. "What time is it?" Harry asked. "Its six." I sighed. "Thanks boys!" I yelled and heard their laughing. "I need coffee." I said turning over. "You better have coffee if you wake me up this early." I said. I got out the tent. "No fucking coffee?!" I asked. "Wake Harry and we can go get coffee." Louis said. I sighed and walked back into the tent. I laid on Harry until we woke up. "Hurry, I need coffee." I said. "Uugghh." Harry said, half asleep. "Come on, please wake up." I said. Harry sat up and walked out the tent, still asleep. 

"When I say camping, you say trip." I said. "Camping!" I screamed. "Trip!" Louis screamed. "Camping!" I screamed. "Trip!" Louis screamed. We went on screaming camping trip for about half a mile. "Lets just get coffee then I need to shower. Harry do I stink?" I asked, lifting up my arm and making him sniff my arm pit. "Yes." Harry said, smiling. "Good, I'm going to sit on your lap and hug you and be all over you." I said. 

We got into the car and sped to the nearest coffee shop. Niall and Zayn went in so we wouldn't cause a scene. "Ok, Meghan, your iced coffee." Niall said passing me my coffee. "Thanks Niall." I said, taking my drink and taking a sip. "This was so much fun boys!" I said. "Yes it was." Harry said then put his hand on my leg. "Wow, wow, buddy hands off her leg!" Louis yelled and I giggled. Harry blushed and put his hand in his lap. "Thanks Louis." I said, leaning over and looking over at him. "Anything for you." He said and I giggled. "Whats the code?" Zayn asked, pulling up to the gate of my house. "2022." I said. Zayn typed the code in then the gates opened. We drove up the driveway and Zayn stopped in front of my house. "By boys, see you later." I said opening the car door. Harry followed after me. "I got you bag." Harry said. I smiled and walked to the door. "Thank you for coming." Harry said. I smiled as I saw him lean in for a kiss. I kissed him back and wrapped my hands around his neck. "So I was thinking." Harry said, then cleared his throat. "Do you think I stand a chance?" Harry asked. "Of coarse you do." I said then kissed him. "See you later Harry." I said, smiling then walked into my house. I blushed like crazy as I rethough what just happened. "Hey Kitty." I said, picking my my kitten named Kitty. "I'm going to go shower." I said to her then put her on the counter. 

My house was a huge house. It was on a private beach. Its a 7 bedroom, 7 bathroom house with my office, a recording studio, a big pool, a huge bathroom, and 4 living rooms, 2 downstairs, 2 upstairs. I live alone, but I've lived with four boyfriends in this house. Nathan Skyes, Liam Hemsworth,  and Alexander Ludwig, and Eric Geiselman. It gets really lonely in this big house. Sometimes my friends come or siblings, but I need someone always here. 

I got out the shower and changed into a pink striped sweater and grey short-short jeans. I put on black sneakers with a hidden wedge in them. I ran downstairs and grabbed my keys to my BMW and my phone. I walked through the living room to the kitchen and out to the garage. I opened the garage door and got into the car. I sped down the driveway. The gates slowly opened and I sped down the neighborhood street where my neighbors where Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, and Beyonce and Jay Z live. On the next street, Drake, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, and Katy Perry all have their own multi million dollar houses on their private beach. 

"Ok, I first have to go food shopping, then I want a smoothie." I said. I drove until the shopping center. I walked out my car and locked it several times. I grabbed a shopping cart them walked around. A fan came up to me and asked for a picture. "Sure love." I said. I bend down a few inches because of my heels. "Thank you so much. You look amazing." She said. "Thank you, you look stunning too." I said smiling. "Ok, well I'll see you later." I said. "Have a great day." I said. I grabbed a few boxes of cereal then walked down the isle. I got ten cans of whipped cream and five gallons of chocolate ice cream. "I guess I need milk." I muttered. I grabbed a gallon of milk on the other side of the store. "Macaroni." I said. I got two boxes of instant macaroni. I walked to the check out. "Your total is $43.98." The teenage looking man said. I have him a fifty dollar bill and he gave me my change. "Thank you, have a great day." He said smiling. "You too." I smiled and walked with my things to the car. A few paparazzi stood outside, waiting for me. "What did you buy Meghan?" One asked as I walked through the parking lot. "Ice cream, whipped cream, cereal, and macaroni." I said, smiling. "Meghan, are you single?" A man asked. "No." I said. I got my car and sped home. 

I typed in the code and drove up the steep driveway. "Duh, dun duh." I hummed. I closed the garage door and took the bags into the house and unpacked them. "I'm hungry, I'm hungry. Hun-hun-hungry." I rapped then boiled water over the oven. I turned on the TV in the kitchen and watched Duck Dynasty. About ten minutes later the fire alarm went off and the boiling water squirted everywhere. I started to screamed then ran for the phone. I called Taylor. "Hello?" She asked, sweetly. "Taylor! Help!" I screamed over the fire alarm. Boiling water overflowed down the counter. "Ok," She said fastly then hung up. She ran into my house about a minute later. "What did you do?!" She screamed. "I don't know!" I screamed back over the fire alarm. "Call Justin!" She screamed. I dialed Justin's number. "Justin help!" I screamed. "Ok, I'll be over." Justin said then hung up. He ran through the door, covering his ears. "What did you do?" Justin Timberlake asked. "I cooked." I said. Justin said then hit the fire alarm. He turned the oven off. "No more cooking for you." Justin said then passed me a rag. I took it and looked at Taylor. "See you tomorrow girls." Justin said then kissed me on the forehead. "Whats tomorrow?" I asked. "See you later girls." Justin said then left. "Bye, bye, bye." I said. "Bye." Taylor said. "Thanks for protecting me." I said, hugging Taylor. 

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