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Do you love music? because I Did .

I loved it ! The beats of the music pounding , turning it

full blast to block everything and everyone out .

It would be just you and yourself in your own little world .

But to me it use to be the only thing I could go to , for comfort , happiness , just time to myself .

Before I realized that being in my own little world wouldn't takeaway the real world.

The world that is twisted , horrid , and filled with misery .

To me , that's what the real world is .

A place where you are born just to die . Born to finish the fight every single person on earth goes through . ...

Wait .

You don't know what the fight is?

Well it's life .

Yes life !

Now some of you might be thinking :

~~~~life isn't so hard !~~~~

well let me tell you ,

That is only because everyone's life is different.

Different for a reason or because of a choice .

And it's based on mainly that .

So do you want to know how to win against life?

If yes continue reading .

If not then I can't tell you what to do its your choice ! =)

Well to win against life you have to thrive on it .

Yes thrive on it .

Endure it so you can learn what is the right and wrong thing to do in a situation and possibly learn from ... From things that are meant to happen.

(I would of said mistakes but mistakes are suppose to happen.)

And that's how I leaned you can't leave the real world. Ever.

You are forever trapped and the only thing you can do is do what you think is right.

Now to other people other people's choices might seem just a little bit dumb or ironic.

But that's life , you can either go with the crowd or be what you think is right and that would be a choice needed to be made so It can lead you closer to your future and the end of it too.

And that's exactly what I did after "It" happened......


Hey guys this is the first book I'm making because of my friend . She told me to and here is the first chapter. I hoped you liked it because lll be sure to write many more chapters so please read and enjoy don't forgetting vote!!!!!!!!!

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