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"Another typical day at work?" A speaker's buzzing filled my car.

I sighed and picked the speaker,pressing on a button as a i speak."Yes,Marshall.Now stop irritating me."

"Cool down,Darce." My partner,Rhemedy Nelson said when I place the speaker back to its original place. I am really exhausted. Literally exhausted. I just felt like pulling the car to the side of the driveway and sleep but luck is not on my side when the speaker buzzes again.

"Agent Mavril come in," the voice was polite but it was wrapped with a thick coat of people's voices behind it. The people sounded pike they are agitated and enjoying themselves.

"Mavril speaking,what is it?" I pull up car at a parking lot.

"Code yellow.There are two person caught up in a fight at area 294.And i assume there are around 20 till 25 spectators.I request backup." The feminine voice worked hard to be higher than the voice in the background.

"Backup teams are coming.Deliver the coordinates to me." I pulled out my car from the parking lot and rush to the scene once I got the coordinates on my GPS.

Rhemedy and I arrive at the scene.It was a local bar.Without hesitation,we walk into the bar. Right at the moment,a female officer runs to me."Thank god,agent Mavril.we are not able to hold them off,please stop them."

"Alright," I placed my hands on her shoulders and lean close to her ears."Im going to toss a smoke grenade.So just back out. Me and my partner can handle this. Leave it to us."

The female officer nodded and runs out of the bar with her partner tailing her.

" Two male,about 5"10. One have a bruised lip while the other has a bruised cheek."Rhemedy reported based on what she observed earlier.

I handed her an odd looking can with a pin on it as she continues," I've also requested backup,i found a few underage drinkers in there."

I flinched at the word underage drinkers.Damn,why people nowadays just can't wait?I pull out the pin and toss the grenade into. the bar. So did Rhemedy. After a while,cheering turn into coughing and we notice two police cars pull up behind us.

"Good job,agent Mavril and agent Nelson." my eyes widened when i saw the chief stepping out of a car.I salute at the sight of her face."Hands down agents."

The two fighters finally emerged from the thick haze in the bar,followed by two officers and a few underage drinkers. I watched as they placed the two fighters to the back of my SUV.One of them with curly hair turns to me and flashes a cold smile.I did nothing but roll eyes and act like nothing had happened.

Noticing Rhemedy in my sight instantly snapped me back into reality."Chief wants me to hand you their files.By the way," she bites her lip."Im going home with Marshall."

"Have fun!" I pull her into a small hug and walk back to my car.I stat the car and lay my head onto the steering wheel.For some reason,I am suffering a headache.

"Are you going to drive us to the police station?" someone spoke in a bland tone.

I remove my head from the steering wheel then reply without turning my head."No,Im sending both of you home.Until then,both of you have the right to remain silence." I took out the file Rhemedy handed me and studied them when the boys start to quarrel at the backseat.


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