Chapter 5: Sirens

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"So what are your favorite stores?" I asked Justin.

"I don't really have a favorite store" he replies.

We pull in the parking lot and we see flashing police light.

"Uh. oh." I say.

My heart sinks when I see sirens.


'Bye Angel!" i say as I drop her off after our amazing shopping spree. I hear sirens after a few minutes.

Then i see the flashing lights down my street. In my driveway. My heart sinks.

I get home and see my Mom being put into the ambulance on a stretcher. I started to feel my eyes blur because of tears.

"What happened?!" I blurt out.

"We think she had a heart attack." A perimedic tells me.

"She might not make it" another says.

<< End of flash back>>

I Jolt out of my day dream by Justin Tapping my shoulder.

"Are you ok?!" he asks me

"Yeah it's nothing.I t's just sirens remind me of when my Mom died."

"Oh. I'm so sorry Nikki."

"It's ok. We'll just forget about it and have a really fun day!" I say cheerfully.

"Yeah!" he replies.

We get out of the car and decide to go to the store Journey.

"OMG! Justin look at these supras! You should get them!" he laughs and walks over to me.

"For me or for you?" he asks.

"For you!" I exclaim.

They were gold with golden wings on the sides that say SWAG.

"I actually do like them!" he says

He gasps " We should get matching!!"

"Ok!" I say. We go to the cash register and buy the shoes. Well he bought them for us. He's so nice!

We get back in the car and head back to our hotel.

<Authors note>

The next chapter will be better I promise! Should Selena come back? Maybe idk but the next chapter will be here soon!

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