"Haha yea well maybe you should look on your twitter account. Haha mate you are crazy!" Zayn laughed walking out of the kitchen.

I instantly whipped my phone out of pocket seeing that I had over 100 notifications.

Most of my notifications were that I was tagged in pictures and tweets. I scanned all the notifications reading the tweets some saying.

"Dude @niallhoranofficial you are crazy can't believe you actually did this!"

Then there was a picture tagged to it showing me taking a shot of vodka or something off of a girl's bare stomach as she was just laying there in her undergarments.

There was another tweet with a photo attached the tweet said

"Getting hot and heavy! @niallhoranofficial @Miley206

The picture showed me and some girl kissing I'm guessing her name was Miley.

"What the hell did I do?" I ran my hands through my dirty blonde hair confused and frustrated with what may be the results.

My phone started vibrating along with "All I Do Is Dream Of You" by Michael Buble blasting through the speakers causing me to almost drop my phone.

"Hello?" I asked afraid of who might be on the other line. Since the number was unknown and I have no idea who I gave my number to last night.

"Niall!" I hear someone yell a male's voice who doesn't sound to happy.

"Who is this?" I question Zayn walking back into the kitchen and giving me and questioning look. I shrug my shoulders and put the call on speaker.

"This is management and we need to talk to you now!" I looked over at Zayn giving him a "What should I say look?" as he just nods his head.

"Why?" Zayn asks giving a disgusted look.

I put my hand over the speaker whispering to Zayn "Who's management?"

"We are kind of like the bosses of the band you are in right now Niall! And Zayn we want to meet him so we can talk about what he did at the party last night!" He shouts guess I whispered to loud.

"Well I'm coming with him," Zayn protested.

"Whatever Zayn just meet as at Starbucks on Woodland Street at 5:00 tonight," He demands.

"Isn't a little late for coffee," Zayn jokes chuckling.

"Just meet us Zayn!" The person on the other line hangs up and the line disconnects.

"Jesus are they always like that?" I inquired setting my phone done on the counter then hopping onto it next.

"Yea basically they boss us around and then make us do stuff," Zayn explains to me.

"They seem like a handful," I reply looking at my phone to see what time it is. It's 4:03

"Do you want to watch a movie? I think I have one that you'll like," Zayn implies.

"Its 4:03 don't we have to go soon?" I inform him.

"Uhh we can be fashionably late life will go on," Zayn laughed as he grabbed the movie and popped it into the DVD player.

I couldn't see what movie it was so I didn't know I waited for the main screen to come up and realized the movie he chose was Thor. 

The movie was pretty exciting filled with action. Once the credits started to roll on the screen I looked at the time 6:14.

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