Ch. 7-"Maybe Later"

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Jake's POV

I walked out of the room behind Madi without saying a word. We crossed the hall to a door labeled "Sink Room," and walked in. I watched as she grabbed a paper towel and got it wet, trying to scrub the chemicals out of her shirt while avoiding my gaze. So I grabbed a paper towel as well as well, and did the same thing for my Nike shorts.

After about 2 minutes, I couldn't stand the silence any longer. And she obviously wasn't going to be starting a conversation soon, so I spoke up.

"That was hilarious in there, but it looks like I had an accident" I stated with a laugh.

She looked up from her shirt at me. She waited a moment before starting to laugh. It was uncontrollable, and contagious, and I found myself laughing along with her. She caught her breath after a minute and nodded.

"I'm sorry but it's true," she let out a few more giggles and looked back down at her shirt, but the small smile never leaving her face. I smiled to myself too, proud of the reaction I got out of her. I watched as she scrubbed at her shirt, but it was obvious there was nothing else she could do.

I didn't want our conversation to end.

"Um, I'm Jake, by the way," I said waiting for her to turn we attention back to me. And when she did, she looked at me and smiled.

"I'm Madison," she replied with a shy smile, "but my friends call me Madi." She said this as she stopped scrubbing and paying full attention to me.

I smiled.

"I would shake your hand or something but uh..."

I trailed off looking down at my hands that were drenched in soap, water, and mystery liquids from our complete fail of a lab. She looked down at them and chuckled before turning her focus back to my face.

"Maybe later," she promise with a small smile on her lips. I took her word for it laughed, and went to rinse my hands off and dry them.

"Well I think this is the best I'm going to be able to do," she spoke while looking down at her-almost-clean pink shirt with a small pout playing in her lips.

"I guess I'm gonna go back in," she told me while drying her hands off with a paper towel, "the bell's going to ring any second."

I looked up at her and then started frantically trying to dry the big spot on my shorts.

"Uh-yeah, yeah me too," I casually responded, "I can't do anything else about this anyway." I told her tossing my paper towel into the trash can.

She looked down at my shorts for a split second and let out a laugh, then covered her mouth trying to contain any more giggles from escaping. It was quite funny, but I didn't want her to have to hide her laughter. I'm just glad we were actually having a conversation.

She met my eyeline and her eyes were glowing with humor, she really thought this was funny.

But I didn't care, it was funny.

She gave me a questioning look before asking, "you sure?"

"Yeah." I assured her. "Let's just head back."

With that, we exited the room, this time side-by-side and made our way back to the class. Madi walked straight back to her seat with her friend and I went back to mine. We exchanged a small smile before sitting down simultaneously.

"Did you even try to get the stuff off your shorts?" Dave joked.

"Shut up," I jokingly spit back while looking down and the large dark stain on the Nike shorts. I made a disgusted face, embarrassed at the wet spot. I was ticked off. I looked back to Madi once again and noticed she was looking at me with a confused look. Her eyebrows were pulled together and she looked like she felt so bad for me.

Yep, I'm definitely embarrassed now.

But that's not what she was thinking at all I guess, because her look turned into a somber one, a small smile on her lips and her soft eyes looking back at me. She gave me a reassuring nod and mouthed "it's okay," referring to my shorts. I smiled at her and she giggled. I just gave her a nod of my head and she turned back to her friend.

She's so nice. How can she be so nice? All I know is I don't want this to be the last time I talk to Madi...and I had a pretty good feeling it wouldn't be.



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