Why Her? Why Me?

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Kyle's POV:

She's been in the hospital for 4 days and I'm just now am finding this out!? I think to myself on the way to the hospital. I'm glad Autumn told me about Rose. What if she isn't okay? What if I lose her? I know I haven't been good to her for a long time, but I really miss her. She is an amazing, beautiful, special, girl who I have loved for a long, long time.

I get to the hospital and ask for them to send me to her room. I had to wait for a while and do a couple sheets of paper work before they sent me in. While I was waiting I noticed the date. It was March 8th, Rose's birthday was today. Why didn't I get a present for her? I'm so stupid. I sigh and then go into her room.

It was a dark, creepy room. The only light was the little bit coming from outside. It was only 8:00 am, so the sun wasn't up yet. I walked up to the hospital bed where Rose laid, so peacefully. Man, she is beautiful, I think to myself as I examine her. She was wearing a sparkly sapphire tank top, with a pair of light blue skinny jeans. She wore a pair of black dance flats. Her hair was curled with a red and white bow holding her bangs away from her face.

"Sir, its time to leave. Visiting hours are over," a nurse says to me with a smile. I lean down and kiss Rose on the forehead.

"Happy Birthday, get better," I whisper into her ear. I walk out of the hospital room trying to hold back the tears. I leave the hospital, letting a single tear slip down my cheek.

I love her and now she may never know.

Rose's point of view:

I heard the doctor say 4 days. Is that true? Have I really been out of it for 4 days? That's insane.

Was that Kyle!? Did he really say happy birthday? It's my birthday? He remembered? How did he know I was at the hospital? Why am I in the hospital? Why can I remember how I got here!? I could vaguely hear what the doctor earlier said. I heard him say "She might forget how she got here. She probably won't forget everything, just that. There is a 30% chance she could forget it all. Everything about her and her life."

I could hardly believe it. But there was a bigger problem. Right at the moment I had all my questions, my heart monitor went blank.

I was dying.

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