We all went in two cars. I rode with Harry and Niall. The ride was fun we mostly joked around, but also listened to some music. Maroon 5's song Payphone came on and I couldn’t resist having a serenading match with Niall. Which resulted with him getting too into and falling over the console putting his head in my floorboard. Harry turned off the music after that as a way of reprimanding us. Niall and I just high fived and then rode in silence until Harry broke it, "You know Holland you're a pretty good rapper for a white girl."

I burst out laugh, "Thanks. I think?"

"We're he-,"Harry started to say but, Niall bust out the door before we could finish. Harry and I stared at the spot where the blonde boy had just occupied for half a second ago then only glanced at each other before we just exploded in a fit of laughter. When Harry regained his composure after a few seconds, he turn around in this seat to look at me, "We're here."

"Ok thanks." I was just about to open my door when I saw surprised a crazy Louis who was waiting there to scare me. I am sad to say it completely worked. I screamed and squirmed to the other side of the backseat. Louis had this ridiculous grin on his face while I opened the other door clutching my chest. I began to walk to the door and was joined by Harry and Louis who was rubbing the back of his head and complaining about it.

"Jees Harry you didn’t have to hit me!"

"Yes I did now, apologize to Holland!" Louis opened his mouth to counter back but then closed it and turned to me.

"I'm sorry Holland I honestly didn't think I would scare you that bad."

"Apology accepted." Louis grabbed my hand then got down on one knee and began kissing it.

"Oh thank you for your forgiveness," kiss "I don’t know if I could live myself," kiss "If you didn’t forgive me.”  I just erupted into a fit of giggles. He stood up and picked me up in a hug.

"Louis can you please put me down so we can eat?" i said after about three seconds.

"Of course my lady," he ushered to the door, "After you."

I curtsied, "Why thank you my lord." and basically ran inside. Only to collide with the group that had been waiting for us.

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