My lust my need

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My lust my need

I find my thick cock wanting and in need , you being charged to fill my lust . My growing member in want will have what it desires and that desire is you . All of you , in seeing your soft glowing skin in the setting sun only makes me want more of the sweet flesh you keep .

The tiny hairs stand up on end as I trail a finger down the sun kissed skin of your arm . " My needs are great , are you up for this task my dear ? " flirting with your chin with my finger,  your deep blue orbs find the dark Windows leading to my soul . Your eyes dance at my warning , the ideal of me having you fully , anyway I see fit . Seeing you at your wits end I help you with your decision .

Cupping the back of your head I push onto your red rich lips . You moan on mine , surprised at your want sucking in the pleasure of my greed . How is it that you could want what I desire from you ? My need builds up wanting more from your body's response . 

I rip your thin gray shirt open to take in your beauty . " What is your wish Sir ? " You bow your head to me giving your body and trust . " Just your body is all I need from you Kitten " My dark words chase away the light in the room , bringing out my hidden fantasy for my lust . "Yes Sir " the heated words from your lips predictable and I could see them before you spoke , I have you .

The corner of my mouth lifts as I glance to my bulge . Your tongue traces your red velvet lip as you free my girth . Escaped from its bonds you suck in your duty I have given you . Damn your good with the little kisses you do on my bulging vain that traces up my hard shaft . Sucking in my head , the almost purple like skin disappears past your velvet lips . Your voice muffled as you moan around my manhood .

Loving the muffled vibrations I keep you on task , to make your master cum . Your lips go numb and saliva runs down my balls that are held in your hand . "Good little slut " my eyes close as you take me down to the base . You come up for some much needed air , taking in full gulps of the life giving atmosphere .

While stroking the length of my member fast and hard I feel my need going to explode . Pushing your head to its charge you can tell with my grip you will have my seed soon . Your golden locks bunched up in my hold I release my need into you . You drink me down binding my lust inside of you .

Finishing  buy taking in every last drop and you will be rewarded for doing so . I shiver in your mouth "Good Kitten , turn around and I'll take your arse " . Like a good sub you turn as you bit your lip waiting for your reward .


;)     Stay sexy my friends


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