Becoming part of the Family

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My list of what i wish for


1. Mom and Dad - X

2. Siblings- X

3. Room- X 

I heard a voice saying " CeCe it's time to get up sweetheart" I rolled over in my bed and saw Shannon was standing over me with two towels. a toothbrush, and a blown dryer. She was looking at me like no one ever has. She cared about me. I thought if i always lived with my aunt i would always be a social outcast and wouldn't talk to anyone. As i sat up she said " here is some towels and stuff to get ready with, today is going to be a long day."

I took a shower and brushed my teeth. But then i noticed on the stack of stuff she had given me was a gold chain that had a charm in the shape of a "C" on it. I started to cry I guess it was all to much for me at once for me to still be grieving of my aunts passing and then be taken in by a wonderful family who already cares about me. I sat in the middle of the bathroom floor crying for a while but then i turned my head and saw Lilian standing there she slowly crept over to me and sat next to me and looked up at me with her beautiful blue eyes. She said " Why are you crying" I said " dont worry they are tears of joy" She scooted closer and closer until we were touching and she leaned over and gave me a hug and said " It'll be okay."

After I finished getting ready I walked out to the living-room where Shannon was sitting. She said " Are you ready?" I shook my head yes and we started to walk out the door and I couldn't stop myself form hugging Shannon. She has helped me so much and she hasn't even known me that long but she knew i wasn't broken i was bent.

We got to the car and i helped Lilian get in and settled and i got in and we drove for a while but then she stopped at a store and said "ready" i looked around and she saw in my eyes the confusment and she said " I noticed that you need some new things"  i told her she didn't have to do that she said" I know but i want to.

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