Chapter 4: Bus Ride

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Emma's Point of View

I saw Paul walking toward us. “Hello, Harry requested you and you family be brought back stage.” Paul said to me. The girl next to me who had yet to leave the stadium shot me a look that could kill. “Okay. Come on guys.” “You must be her mom?” He put his hand out. “Yes, I’m Laura.” My mom shook his hand. “And what’s your name?” “Kaylen.” She said shyly. She was really quiet until you got to know her, then she was sassy. “We will be going through these doors.” Paul informed us as he opened the door. There was a couch and tv and another door. “That’s the boys’s dressing room. They had to share this concert.” Paul told me with an amused expression. He knocked on the door. Niall opened it with a bag of chips in his hand. “Haz, your girl is here.” he called over his shoulder winking at me. Harry walked over and -- holy shirtless. Wow his is even more perfect in person. “‘Ello, love.” he grinned pulling me into a hug. “Hi.” I smiled up at him. He was at least six inches taller than me. “Harold, if you are going to ask her, then ask her.” Louis prompted him. “Umm, yeah. Right. Okay. So we don’t have anything planned in Atlanta for the weekend but our flight doesn’t leave until Monday afternoon. So I was wondering if I could -- we could go back with you. Just like me, the lads and Paul. If that’s okay. Just so I can spend time with you because I really want to get to know you. And we will like stay in a hotel and then we can just like talk to each other and like I can finally know your last name and--” “Jackson.” I cut off his rant. “What?” “My last name is Jackson.” I said with a grin. “Emma Jackson.” The words rolled off his tongue in such a way that my breath caught in my throat. “A lovely name for an even lovelier girl.” “Haz you have known her for less than a day.” Zayn said trying to hold back his laughter. “Haven’t you ever heard of flirting?” Harry replied without missing a beat. Everyone laughed and rolled their eyes at Harry. “I would love for y’all to come to Tennessee with me.” “Really?” he looked shocked. I nodded giggling. “Is there any chance you would want to ride the bus with us?” He looked at me shyly. “That sounds perfect!” I couldn’t believe it. This was really happening. I swear this is like a dream. I really hope it’s not. That would be terribly disappointing. No this is definitely happening. “Great! Did you guys drive down here?” “Yes we did.” My mom answered. “Cool, so could the bus follow your car to get to your home town?” “Of course!” “And you can ride back with us if you want.” Liam told Kaylen. “I’ll just ride with my momma so I can sleep.” Yeah, she definitely needs her sleep. “Okay, sweetie.” He smiled at her. Louis through a shirt at Harry. “I think it’s time to load the busses.” He told us. “This guy,” he said pointing to a security guard, “will go with you to get your car and bring it around to the busses. Harry grabbed my little hand in his rather large one and we walked with the rest of the boys to where we would be loading the bus. 

“Okay, there could be paps, fans, random people, anything waiting for us to walk to the bus. So just stay super close. We will put you in the center of us so they can’t touch you.” I nodded telling him I understood. Liam was in front of me, Zayn was behind me, Niall was on one side, Louis was on the other, and Harry was holding me tight walking with his arm secured around my shoulder. There was so much screaming and flashing lights but I kept my head down and followed the boys. I don’t know how they did this everywhere they went; it was scary! 

We got on the bus and they all flopped around except Harry, “You probably don’t want to stay in that pretty dress the whole ride, do you?” “Woah Harry, slow down you only just met her!” Louis laughed. Harry blushed, “That’s not what I meant. I meant I could give her a t-shirt or something to wear.” “That would be great.” So I’m about to wear Harry’s clothes. This has been quite the day. He pulled me back to where his clothes were and thew me a black t-shirt. Not just a black t-shirt, his Ramones t-shirt. It smells just like him. “Do you want some joggers or something?” “I have shorts on-- or well I call them shorts. They’re Nike Pros.” “Whatever you’re comfortable in.” he smiled. “Come out when you are ready.” I pulled off my grey dress and slipped on his shirt. I already knew I wanted to be wearing his shirts for a long time. When I walked out I slipped my Vans off thankful I had painted my nails a really cute peach color. “I was meaning to tell you, I love your phone case!” Harry smirked at me, referring to my “Cute as a button, every single one of you.” case. I blushed, “Thanks.” 

“So tell us about yourself!” Niall said in his thick irish accent. “Well, I’m fifteen.” “Four year age difference. Not to bad, Styles.” Louis nodded. “My favorite color is pink. I’m a cheerleader.” “Oi, way to go, Haz!” Niall interjected. Once again, I blushed. “Here is a deal breaker.” Liam started, “Are you a cuddler?” “I love to cuddle, and have my hair played with, and get my back rubbed!” I laughed as Harry pulled me closer to his side. “Sold.” He whispered to me. “Here is a totally irrelevant, unrelated question. What do you want your boyfriend to call you as nicknames?” Zayn had a smirk plastered on his face. “Hmm, the usual babe, baby, darling. I’ve always liked the idea of being called princess. I like when guys come up with unique names-- well not really unique but cute, like boo or something.” Harry looked like he was taking mental notes. “You seem perfect for little Hazza over here.” Liam ruffled his curls. “Well, we will just have to see what happens.” “So I have a chance!?” he seemed super excited. “I like to be friends first. Just to double check.” I told him. His eyes were very distracting. “That sounds good to me.” He said in his slow, deep accent. Louis had another question for me, “Now for the big question, Emma: who is your favorite member?” “Well, I don’t really have a favorite because I like different things about each one of you and you’re all pretty different so I can’t compare y’all to each other so I just like all y’all.” “So you don’t have a favorite.” “She probably didn’t until we kissed her cheek and Harry shoved his tongue down her throat.” Niall said causing the boys to burst into laughter. All except for Harry who blushed, looked down, and mumbled “I didn’t shove my tongue down her throat.” “I’m not gonna argue with Niall on this one.” This seemed to give Harry a little confidence on the subject. “Hey when they’re pretty you have to act fast.” he gave me a little nudge. Niall stood up and pulled a box of Oreos out of a cabinet, “Any one want Oreos?” “I do!” Niall handed me the package and I got a couple cookies out. “Do you like Oreos?” Harry asked. I was amazed at how he seemed so interested in little things about me, like whether or not I enjoyed eating a cookie. This may seem cliché, but it kinda made me feel special. “Yes I do. I have a pretty big sweet tooth.” I grinned. 

The rest of the ride was spent laughing and talking about random stuff. These boys were so easy to talk to. I feel like we have been friends for years! The four of them made sure to slip in comments about me and Harry. I finally decided to ask a question that had been in the back of my mind. I looked up at Harry. We seriously could pass as a couple that had been dating for a long time. I was in his shirt, cuddled up against him and he had his arm around me, playing with my hair. “What made you... why did you.. what made you think it was ‘love at first sight’?” “Well, I saw your pretty blue eyes looking at me and I couldn’t look away. My heart started beating really fast and I couldn’t focus.” He took a deep breath, “I just kinda knew. I knew I had to have you and would do whatever it took to get you.” I smiled at him. He is making it really hard to stick to my be-friends-first policy. 

We were finally back in my hometown and we took the boys to the hotel that had been arranged last minute for them. We all got out and walked into the hotel lobby. Thankfully no one knew the boys were here so there isn’t any paps or fans. “Boys, you are all in one room together. They had a limited amount of space, but thankfully no one on that floor knows you’re coming.” “If you wanted to.. you know... hang out with us a little longer, you could maybe like... stay with us.” Harry offered. “Apparently you make our little Harold here sort of tongue tied. He is trying to ask if you want to have a “sleep over” with us because he isn’t quite ready to let you out of his sight or arms.” Louis said throwing his arm around my shoulder. “Can I?” I looked towards my mom. “I never thought I would let my 15 year old daughter have a sleep over with 5 guys that are about 5 years older than her. Much less guys who I have known for less than a day. But something about you seems trustworthy.” “Is that a yes?” “Yes.” “Do you have clothes or a tooth brush or anything?” my mom asked. “Well, no.” I answered. “You could drive me home and then back.” “Hmm.” “Please mom!” “Okay, fine.” “I’ll be back boys!” and with that we went to the car.

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