The Storm

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🌚Chapter 1🌚

Narrators POV

On a cold, winter night, one family was walking along a bridge in the snow. They were freezing while walking to their home, the bench at the bus stop. No one knows how they survive in the winter outside, because it gets into negitive degrees where they live in the winter.The only things they have are ragged clothes and a blanket. The warmth they get is from cuddling eachother.

But the thing they didn't know was that they traveled bus to bus all around the world with no pay. They would get in big trouble and almost get arrested by the different police officers around the world. they didn't know what all this was, so they just ran off onto a different bus stop. Let's just say this: they are poor and they have seen the world by going on buses.

One day, Julia, the younger sister, asked jessi, the older sister, a question.

Julia's POV

I was trying to ask jessi a question. Why wasn't she answering me? I wonder why! There had to be a answer to her not answering me! This is what I asked her:

Sissy? Why don't we live in a real house?

Jessi's POV

OMG! She asked me the stupidest question!! Of corse we don't live in a house! I didn't answer that question because I didn't... Want to tell her the real reason! It's... Something that happened before she was born... It was in her past.. She doesn't need to know. But here is the reason: her great grandfather died before she was born... I was 8. Instead of giving us the money he had, (and did I mention he was a billionaire), he gave it to his sister. And from that point on, we had bad luck. 1 year later, (Julia, was not born yet), our house set on fire.. And we lost all our money. We couldn't afford another house. Julia was born on the railroad tracks... But no one can tell her. She would FREAK. And then we had... Harold. he is 10 but cannot keep secrets. Sadly, when he was little, we told him about Julia.

Harold's POV

I can tell. Jessi's thinking about the "incident" I know because she is starting to tear up and she's looking at me sadly. I feel so bad for Julia. She doesn't know her past and she doesn't know her future!!! Who knows?? But, our family keeps tons of secrets. Like, Julia doesn't know that she was adopted. And then, while we were on the bench, something terrible happened: we heard thunder. That means that we are stuck here. No shelter, no cover, no nothing. Just something to sit on. I would rather stand up and be under a cover. i look up. This is no ordinary thunderstorm. The sky is black and, oh jeez, there is a tube forming and, oh no, i scream. "RUN!!!!!!!!"

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