New lifestyle

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*I will be slowly updating this book but,I will still be updating.  I will update more more on holiday breaks.*

Layla pov

Jacob drove me to Tias house ,so I could tell her the good news. I can't believe it. I actually am getting to be what I really want.

We pulled up at tiara's house.

"You can come if you want" i said looking at jacob

"aight" he said,turning the car off.

We both got out the car and i ran to the door unlocking it.

"Tiara?! are you home?" i yelled running in the house with jacob right behind me.

"upstairs, my room" she yells

I ran upstairs and saw tia on her bed and i jumped on top of her.

"Guess what?!!!" i yelled

"First, get off of me crazy, second, why is jacob latimore in my room and third, what?!" she yelled.

I got off of her laughing and walked over to jacob.He put his arm around me and kissed my forehead.

" Im going to be a professional dancer in LA " i squealed.

"OMG!!" Tia screeched. " omg im gonna miss you baby doll! wow, you deserve this. im so proud of you Lay" she came to me for a hug. " and im assumming you guys are dating?" she asked


"yes we are" jacob said proudly.

I was shocked

" Well listen up dude you hurt lay, i hurt you,and thats a promise" she said firmly.

"i wont, and thats a promise" jacob said back.

Tia stared him down. She looked at his body language and dead in the eyes. Her stern face turned soft.

"Welcome to the family Jacob" she smiled.

I smiled as well.

"Well… lets get packing and call kyle tia!" i said

" on it! " she said.

Jacob and i sat on Tias bed.

"I dont want you to get caught up in the fame. im telling you now its harsh on that side." jacob was explaning to me.

"Im ready for something new. it has to be better then this. Ive been waiting for this my whole life." i said

Jacob grabbed my hands and kissed my fingertips. " Me and you against the world" he whisperrd against my fingers…

I know its short but hey its something, im thinking shorter chapters but more often.anyway, enjoy 

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