There is a text when I'm finishing my breakfast alone in the kitchen since mom went back to work today and dad is still sleeping in, so I'm the only one in here.

Hey do you need a mover truck for your stuff? Good morning :)

It's sent from Hunter and I can't stop the nervousness and excitement fill me the more I think of officially moving in with him.

I don't have a lot of things I could take my truck don't worry ;) Good morning to you :)

I take my bowl to the sink before I grab my phone off the table and running up the stairs feeling adrenaline through my body.

Be safe. Is his last text before I run into my closet grabbing all my packed bags which by the way my parents let me borrow some of theirs bags so I can fit all my clothes in. My gym bag I manage to place as much of all my body essentials and school books along with my jewelry and make-up and maybe a little of my favorite shoes I bought over the summer for the art galleries.

By the time afternoon comes, I have all my bags packed in the back of my truck with clean pair of clothes on with my boots and coat on; fixing my hair into a ponytail moving my long bangs to the side.

I go back up to my room taking last minute check-list around my room. I never had any posters in my room so that was no problem. My desk stays and so does my bed, my bathroom is cleaned out leaving only clean towels as I sent the dirty ones to the laundry room. My T.V still sits on the wall before I go over to my window closing my drapes taking one last look at the lonely tree in the back yard.

I feel the need to cry but I shouldn't need to, I'm only moving into the city where there is taller buildings and Dravin and Tammy are a few streets away and I can always come back once I actually get my license that I plan on getting some time next week when my classes resume. Lastly everything is cleared from my closet except for a shoe box where Simon and Ashley's gifts are in and the brown bag that has Hunter's gift in that I never touched since the day I put it there.

Kneeling in front of it, I'm not afraid to look inside as I open it up. I find my present still in there I got for him before I see a small wrapped box at the bottom and I pull it out. A little nervous and curious I open it and covering my mouth at what just exactly is in it. Inside was not a box but a stack of CD's of Lady Antebellum, Phillip Phillips, Luke Bryan, Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran, every single of them signed on the cover inside. Just on top of the stack is a pink sticky note.

I hope this makes up for the mess I put you through. I'm still madly in love with you no matter how mad you get with me -Hunter

I pull out the paper cover inside to check if their real in the light and I see the difference of the ink of the cover and the ink of a sharpie, they are real signatures of my favorite artists. I cover my face a second to recover from this gift, I can't believe he got these for me. They definitely beat my gift and I have to make it up to him.

Looking back to Simon's and Ashley's picture collage of us I take a moment to finally decide to do with them, I pack them in the brown bag with the other gifts before I close my light and door going down the stairs. I find my dad downing a cup of water before seeing me past him.

"Jane are you leaving now?" He stops me at the door and I nod at him, "Yeah this is the last of my stuff and I heading over there." I smile holding the bag in one hand as I slip on my boots and I watch him leave the room. Confused, I wait till I see him come back with a big pink candle in his hands.

"Before you leave your mother bought this for you last night, I think it's cotton candy." He laughs and I take the moment to laugh with him, another moment I love being a part of.

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