I dont give a fuck

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The next day...

Me and Jacob went to school but its was lame so after school I went and took a shower because it was my friend birthday and they decided to rub icing all over me.

But after I took my shower I found out that I left my towel in the other room and just my luck.

Jacob walks upstairs.

"Hey" he said confused on why I was looking out the door like that.

I closed the door on him.

I checked to see if he went inot his room and he did but he left the door wide open.

"shit" I looked at the towels across the hall in the cabin.

"Why did I have to use this bathroom?" I said to myself before cracking the door opening alittle again.

"Jacob can close your door" I asked.

"Why?" he said laying on his bed.

"no reason"

I couldnt tell hI'm because he was gonna do something nasty I already know it.

He sat up looking at me through his door.

"You don't have a towel " he laughed.

"I left it in the room" I sighed.

He kept laughed.

"Can you just get me a towel?" I asked him.

"nope...come and get it yourself"he said.

"Can you at least give me my clothes?" I asked.

"oh definitely not"he laughed.

"Jacob please" I begged.

"Nope" he said.

"Please" I begged again.

"Alright " he got up going to the towel rack.

"Here" he held it far from the door.

"Jacob come on" I laughed.

He laughed and took the towel back and walked into his room.

"I don't like you" I joked.

He came back out.

"Alright Ill give you 10 seconds to get a towel"  he said standing in the hall.

"okay"I said.

"1, 2, 3 go" he said covering  his eyes.

I went out and he grabbed me counting still.

"Jacob I dont..MISS TISH!!!" I screamed.

"my mom left like an hour ago"he laughed.

"Perv this is sexual harassment aint this " I said tryna get away.

"Not if you like it" he smirked.

"youre such a creep" I laughed reaching and grabbed a towel.

Then Jacob let go of me

"Perv" I laughed running into the guess room amd locking the door as he ran after me.

I hurried up and put my clothes on.

I went back out and he attacked me jumping on my back.

"Jacob ah" I screamed falling.

"Bitch" I got up and we started play fighting.

He pushed me off and ran into his room tryan jump over his bed but I grabbed hus leg .

I got ontop of him and pinned him back.

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