Daniella's POV

We ended up getting Taco Bell after buying a massive amount of underwear for Nadya. Harry wanted me to buy some 'stuff' but I went against it. I really don't know if he is trying to have sex then I go against it as well. For me is a bit uncomfortable because the last time I had it was.. Well I didn't had it.. Let's say I got raped. I sounds like I got over it but I haven't, it's intimidating to show my body I mean my full naked body..

" you heard me?" Harry says while throwing himself into my bed.

"Sorry what did u said?" I ask while giving him a confident smile.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah.. I'm fine" perhaps I'm just faking a smile hiding everything I feel about my past. I should just let it go, get over it, it was almost a year ago. Well thanks giving its in two days and I'll be going to Harry's mom. Luckily I bought a dress which I'll probably use for the


The rest of the night Harry have told me what exactly he will be doing for the next 3 weeks until we both fell asleep. I wonder if his mom will like me, or Gemma.?

"Mornin'.." He said while stretching in the small bed of mine. "Good morning" I replied with a smile while laying my head on his chest. “What are your plans for today?” he says in a raspy voice “I really don’t know still.. but I might call that model from yesterday”

“Oh no you won’t”

“I’m joking baby, I might go to Priscilla’s” I laugh and he nodded. “Well I’m going to Louis’, I have to get some work done.” I nodded while unwrapping from him.


Priscilla’s POV

“Hey! How are-“ I greeted Dani as she walked past the door “How was it?” she snapped “How was what?” she looked me with this ‘oh you little- “Don’t pretend like you don’t know.. how was it?”

“Well… Mr. Horan is… literally the most charming and lovely guy I’ve ever meet..”

It went really well, but he is like a friend to me, I mean I just got out of a relation ship. “And oh jezz. You are..-“ I said while noticing her bruises and her cast on her arm. “Nahh…. It’s okay, I’m okay. Just a little surprised still because of what happened but I’m okay” She said while going to the kitchen looking for food, “What happened after? I mean where is he, where did he go. Like what?”

“I have no clue, but Harry did fought him back, and he is much worse than what I am.” I can’t believe this is all happening because of me. “I’m sorry.. this is all my fault.” I bit my lip to stop myself from crying. “Oh come on it isn’t there is no need to cry.” She walked to me and hugged me. “Assholes are like that. Selfish, whatever they do it’s for themselves he didn’t deserved you. You are too good for him.”  I can’t believe he actually did that, I’ve never expected something like this from him. “How everything with Harry?” I try to change the theme “Well.. Tomorrow I’m going to meet his mother and sister, and I’m freaking out. LITERALLY” I laughed at her face expression while she held me  by the shoulders. “You’ll be fine! I promise. Do you know what are you going to wear? What hair? Makeup? Shoes?” she nodded to everything “Oh so you already bought her the gift?” I said as her mouth opens wide. “OMG, I’m playing around you!” I laughed and she smiled sarcastically “You should’ve seen your face! Haha” she burst into laugher. “Fuck you. So umm.. ahh. Harry is going somewhere for 3 weeks and will be back the day before my birthday. Do you think he is trying to run away from me??” She said with a horrified expression. “No, I don’t think he will do that. It his job right?”

Daniella’s POV

“Yeah.. it is.” I am still afraid about tomorrow. Will they like me? “Okay now let’s get this shit done, I need to call Justin..” she said taking her phone out of her pocket. “If that’s what you want to.” I suggest she doesn’t but she will still. I threw myself on the couch in the living room. This reminds me of the last time I was here, I can’t help but laugh.

“Hey?” Prisci said through the phone putting it on speaker for me to hear bullshit.

-Babe? Hey.. I-

I walked over Prisci and took the phone out of her hands.

Hey.. Justin can you please not call her babe, she is just a ‘you’ for you by now on. Oh and she called you to ask about the concussion and broken wrist you caused Me, but don’t worry I’ll explain her.. not lying like you would do. And if you dare to try to look for her AGAIN. I will be the one to fight you not Harry because he is very hurt, but I bet you fucking douchebag are even in a worst state because it’s what you deserve, you don’t deserve someone like my lovely friend right here. We clear?

-Oh shut the fuck up Dani you know I would just let the crap out of you. And I won’t stop trying to look for her until she tells me to.

I don’t what you to look for me. And how could you? How could you do that to a girl. Gosh I can’t believe how I didn’t noticed how type of an asshole are you. Now you can back off. Bye Justin.

She ended the call, I expected her to be crying by now but what gave her so much courage. “Damn girl you’re on fire..” I said while high-fiving her. “Oh shut up. I was just telling the truth. Hahah”

“Well lets get some Ice cream then you help me with the essay” she commanded. Right, I got to help her with her, oh gosh.

We spent the rest of the day together until I fell asleep with all the books and papers around me.

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