It's been two days since I've been back on Asgard. Thor took me to father and then through me inside a glass cage. It was furnished so I know it had to be my mothers doing.

I paced around. Where's Lilyana? Did they lock her in the dudgeon too? What about Lidiya? I stopped pacing. Lidiya.. she was still on earth. Alone. I put my head in my hands.

"Heard you were back."

I removed my hands and saw Lilyana's father. He had gotten a little but older from the last time I saw him. And from

The way Lilyana drew pictures of him he looked just the same.

"Where is Lilyana?" I asked.

"Why would I tell you?!" he said.

"Please! I need to know! Is she fine? Is she with Thor? I swear if I find out he so much as tried to kiss her I'll-"

"She isn't with Thor. She's fine and safe." he said.

I walked up to the front of the cell.

"Please tell me." I begged.

"Why? You'll be gone soon. And Lilyana will finally be free." he said.

"Free? Odin put her in prison!" I said.

I stepped back and rewind what he said. 'You'll be gone soon.'

"What do you mean I'll be gone soon?" I asked.

"Oh, Odin didn't tell you? In a few hours you'll be shipped off back to the place you came from. Away from Lilyana." he said.

"He can't do that! Lilyana and Lidiya need me! They are my family!" I said.

"What they need is for you to be out of their lives for good. And after you gone I might be able to help Lilyana with her...problem." he said.

"Problem?" I asked.

"She's been acting out. She keeps talking about stars and all the realms, you, Lidiya, a Matt, and..."

He stopped his sentence and looked at the ground.

"What?" I asked.

"Her eyes used to flicker red but now their just red."

"You need to let me see her! I need to find out what's wrong with her."

"I can handle this! She's my daughter!" He said lifting up his head.

He ran a hand through his blackish grey hair.

"It's time to check on her. It was nice seeing you again Loki." he said.

He started to walk away until he disappeared from my site.


I was facing the wall, my eyes closed and legs crisscrossed sitting on the floor of my cage. I held a picture I drew I'm my hand. I took in a deep breath.

"Hello Father." I said.

"How long did you know I was here?" he asked.

"Since I saw you walk from a different cell to mine." I said.

"But your eyes are closed."

I smirked. I started to hum and I could see my father looking down at the ground shuffling his feet.

"Head up."

I heard him gasp. I cracked my neck from side to side and rolled my shoulders.

"I know he's here." I said.


I opened my eyes and turned my head back to look at him. Even though I couldn't see it in his face, but in his eyes I knew he was scared. He knows that he can't lie to me. Or maybe it's just my eyes that scare him.

"Loki." I said.

"Sweetheart you must be mistaken-"

I got up from the floor and walked towards him,well as close I could get with out touching the glass. I showed him the picture I drew that was of Loki standing in a prison similar to mines.

"I saw him before he even stepped inside the dungeon. He's here." I said.

I tilted my head to the side.

"Or am I mistaken?" I asked.

He shook his head. I smiled a giggle coming from my lips, my red eyes getting brighter.

"He's here....my Loki." I said with a dreamy sigh before I started laughing again. My dad just starred at me like I was crazy. I wait, I am.

"Not for long."

I stopped laughing and looked at him. I glared at him as I put my hand on the glass.

"What.Do.You.Mean?" I asked.

My dad gulped and clasped his hands together.

"O-Odin has declared that in a few hours Loki will be sent away from Asgard."

I scanned his face before letting a light laugh coming out from my mouth. I covered my mouth with my hands and shook my head. I ran my hands down my face before letting them drop to my sides.

"WHAT!" I yelled.


"What, Father? WHAT NOW?!"

"You need to calm down."


I started to pace around my cage my hand under my chin. I stopped and started laughing again but then they turned into sobs.

"I need Loki.I need Loki. I need Loki-"


"I need Loki! I need Loki! I need Loki! I need Loki! I need Loki! I NEED LOKI!" I said.

I whipped my head towards my father.

"What are you still standing there! Get me Loki!"

"I can't."

"Do it or I swear I will kill myself!" I said.

"Lilyana you can't be serious." he said.

An ice dagger appeared in my hand and I held it up to my neck. I dragged it a little and felt my blood drip down my chest.

"Okay! Okay! I'll get him! I'll her him!" my father said before running down the hall.


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