God dammit!!! Panting and needing

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Ginny p.o.v

Hmmm during the night we started noticing a few people disappearing it wasn't huge amounts but still.i even noticed Logan was gone.just then we all got a text I pulled out my phone from my pouch that has a pocket for my phone and one for my knifes and stars.the text said "every report to a classroom with your teams now and lock the doors and cover the windows and if anyone knocks on the door look through the peep hole if they are zombie robot things kill them!!!!!!! We are experiencing the terrorist that has been killing everyone and turning them into zombie robots! So go now!" After everyone read it everyone found there group and went to a classroom.donavan,caity,jade,and me all went to one classroom."god dammit I knew something like this was gonna happen!!!" I mumbled as caity covered up the windows and jade turned out the lights.just then we heard a scream that I knew was Logan's and I looked away pretending to not hear it.

Caity's p.o.v

Poor Ginny.i looked at her sadly after covering the bottom crevice of the door.she wasn't crying but on the inside she was hurting atleast a bit no matter how douchey Logan was.we all sat in corners of the room silently jade and Ginny texted while I texted Donavan.after a few hours jade started panting."jade baby what's wrong?!" I asked worriedly."m-my body I-is so hot" she said in rapid breaths.i felt her she felt fine and it continued going on.

Ginny's p.o.v

I watched jade and me and caity continuously gave her water and about an hour or 40 mins I started to feel hot and panting I felt like I was dying and everyone noticed it.me and jade began to pant out a name of a person "d-d-donava-a-an" I panted out over and over and he cuddled me."c-c-cai-ity"jade panted out over and over.i watched caity struggle to help her.everyone realized we needed out of here.we lit some candles to see and gave me and jade scissors good thing this is my back up fighting outfit.jade then toke her bandage shorts and made them booty shorts and cut her top into a crop top.i toke off my corset and made a black bra top thing with black leather booty shorts and tied up my hair.we all readied our weapons.we went down the hallway me and jade panting as quietly as we could and avoided the robot things.

Caity's p.o.v

We all put on communicating devices and stole keys to a huge hummer and went to look for it but Ginny and jade were a huge mess.

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