chapter 23

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*Leo's pov, 2 months later*

this is my life now.

I haven't moved from this cell in two months, and I fear this dark, dirty place will be the last thing I ever see.

every day I awake to no sunlight, the only way I know how much time passes is the rock I have found, that I tally scratch mark the wall every time I fall asleep. after I awake, I look into the neighboring cell and see the girl I love curled in a ball, sleeping off the pain. I have more injuries than I can count, but Nicola has double the amount I have. it kills me every day to see him torture her in front of me every day, trying to get anwsers. I try to stay strong and not say anything but one day he went to far with the knife....I told him a fake address and tended to her wounds until he got back....he reversed the process for a day and gave us separate cells. I swear everyday I'm not going to break and tell him, but every drop of blood she drops, chips away my will.

I look over from my cell to hers, my blue eyes meeting her brown ones. her eyes were a mystery to me, I see a mixture of pain, anger, and...fear.

I can't take much more of this

she saw me and gave me a weak smile.

her beautiful face has been ripped to shreds, and her body was bruised and cut likewise. she gets worse every day.

I reach out threw the bars and hold her hand reassuringly. but suddenly my chains whipped me back to the wall, and the shredder held my chin so I was forced to look at him.

"no breaking the rules" he said as he dropped me back on the ground.

he then entered Nicola's cell and held her by the neck and said something that scared me

"you see, thanks to current activity, I no longer need you my darling, so either Mr. Leonardo answers my questions, or I will kill you" he said to Nicola. she met my eyes and sent me a look that said

don't, I'm not worth it.

so I sent her a look that said

yes you are.

he looked at me and said

"your choice" as he started to slash his claws threw her skin.

I can't do this anymore

"I'll do anything, just don't hurt her"! I said, will broken into shards.

"anything"? he asked

when I nodded he dropped her and made my way over to me

"I have given up on you, you will never tell me anything so I just want to make you suffer" he said evily.

he walked over to Nicola and grabbed her neck again.

"please, I'll do anything" I cried.

"no... you won't" he said and like that he stabbed his claws through Nicolas heart, her eyes widening in pain and horror.

I cried out hitting against the bars.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO"! my body went limp and my will to live just disappeared.

as I started to black out I heard the shredder say

"at least not anymore".........

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