I woke up the next morning feeling weird. I couldn't describe it, I just new that I didn't feel right I just didn't know why. I could be from that weird dream I had last night. Well I wouldn't say dream, more like a nightmare. I still remember.

I was running through a forest, running from something I didn't know what. I made it to a clearing and saw Matt at the other side. Me and Matt were running towards each other when Matt was shot in the back and fell to the ground. I screamed and ran to his side. Blood was seeping through his shirt and he was cold. He was dead.

I got up out of my bed and made my way down stairs. When I got to the last I walked into the living room. Matt was asleep, his body sprawled on the couch while his blanket laid on the floor. I shook my head and picked the blanket up and covered him with it. Matt stirred in his sleep.

"Well good morning early bird." Matt said.

"I am not an early bird." I said.

"Lidiya, it's 6:30 in the morning. I don't even wake up until noon." he said.

I rolled my eyes and went to walk away when he grabbed my hand. I turned around and saw Matt but he had blood on his shirt and his hand felt ice cold. I pulled my hand away.

"Lidiya what's the matter?" Matt asked.

I rubbed my eyes and looked at Matt. The blood was gone, he was fine. I shook my head.

"Nothing. Nothing at all." I said.

Before Matt could say another word I walked away and went into the kitchen. I grabbed a pan and put it on the stove. I opened up the fridge and grabbed the eggs. I heard footsteps behind me.

"So...about your parents." Matt said.

I glanced at him before turning on the stove.

"Your uncle...and my uncle probably was going to send them to the same place." he said.

"Probably....but which realm?" I asked.

"Realm?" Matt asked.

I took one of the eggs and cracked them, watching it drop into the pan.

"Remember when I first came to your house? I slept over and I showed you the stars, the realms, and where I come from?" I asked.

"Yeah,your from Asgard." He said.

"Well there are nine realms. So that means they could be in any of them." I said.

"Couldn't they just taken them back to Asgard?" He asked.

I finished up the eggs and put them on a plate.

"What else do you like with your breakfast?" I asked.

"Bacon and pancakes." he said.

I snapped my fingers and bacon and two pancakes appeared on the plate. I set it on the table. Matt sat down.

"Back to what you were saying. Why do you think they would bring them back to Asgard?" I asked.

"Well doesn't your uncle like you mom?" Matt asked.

"Yeah I guess." I said.

"Well he would want her close by. And then your dad he could be there too, but then they would probably try and move him some where else." he said.

Matt grabbed a piece of bacon and took a bite out of it.

"Wow this is good." he said.

"What? Is it supposed to be bad?" I asked.

"I thought that you would try and poison me."

"Why would I do that?"

"Because you hate me. Well at least
I still think you do."

"Trust me I do just not as much as I used too."


"Um w-well, after y-you-"

"After I told you I loved you."

I nod my head. Matt got up from the table and stood in front of me.

"Lidiya, remember after you showed me the stars, realms and you told me stories?" he asked.

"Yes." I said.

"And then I sang you that song." he said.

I smiled as I remembered the song he made. It was cute and sweet. And I did have good dreams that night.


"There's something your not telling me."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Lidiya don't lie to me."

"I'm not!"

"See your lying again!"

I pushed past Matt and ran into the living room. Matt tackled me to the floor and I started to hit him.

"Mathew get off! I will turn you into a frog!" I said.

"What's the matter?" he asked.

"I had a bad dream!"

"What happen?"



"You died!"

I pushed him off and ran to the couch. I sat down as Matt got off from the floor.

"What do you mean I died?" Matt asked.

I looked down at my lap and started to play with my hair.

"You were shot...there was were cold." I said.

Matt sat down next to me. I looked up at him.

"But I'm not dead, I'm alive."

"Yes but that place...i remember it from somewhere. I know that you got killed because of me."

"Well did you see who shot me?"


"It was just a dream, I'm not gonna die."

"Your right."

I got up from my seat and ran up the stairs. I grabbed my sleeping powder before running back down stairs and back into the living room.

"Get your shoes on! Were going to Asgard!" I said.

"I have school tomorrow." Matt said.

"Would you rather come to the place of magic and science or go to the place of prison." I asked.

"TO ASGARD!" Matt yelled.

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