Hanging Out

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Ok the chapters got mixed up, so what happened is Elizabeth sprained her ankle jumping over the gate running away from her dad trying not to get caught taking the rest of her stuff she needed again, sorry for the mix up.

Olivia went out to go get some groceries, and do some other errands, she said she would be gone all day, so decided to ask Mitch to come over.

(The texts)

Hey Mitch I was wondering if you wanted to come over because Olivia is gonna be gone all day and I will get lonely.

Idk if I'm busy or not

Plz? For me :) <3

Ok fine.


I'm on my way

K I'll unlock the door.

The door opened. It was Mitch. I gave him a big smile. "What no hug?" He said. "Oh I forgot to tell you. I sprained my ankle." I said "oh. Then I'll give you a hug." He said. He ran over to me acting like he was gonna jump on me. I flinched. When he came close he slowed down. He leaned down and gave me a hug. "So we can hang out ALL DAY LONG" I said, saying all day long a little louder than the other words. "So I guess it's a date" he said, smiling." Ohhhhh. So you wanna be more than friends." I said blushing. Since when do blush? Ugh. I'm becoming a girly-girl. Those words lingered in my mind. I didn't like 'girly' stoof. I was the girl who chose gym shoes instead of high heels, the girl who preffered dressing how she wants instead of dressing to impress, the girl who was who she wanted to be, and not what others wanted to see. I was that kind of girl. "Yea I guess. Do you?" He asked "I guess" I said smiling. He leaned in for a kiss. I leaned forward and we kissed. I wrapped his arms around his neck. We stopped and he looked at me. I smiled. We watched the walking dead, his and my favorite show. (Idk if it really is) he pulled me closer. Even though it was summer, I was freezing. We spent the whole day like this, sitting close together, his arm around me, my head laying on his chest.

I wanted to stay like this forever. Never wanting this day to end. But sure enough, what seemed like a few hours, was the whole day. Olivia opened the door, and froze. "Oh geez. Are you two dating now?" She asked "I guess so" I said. Mitch smiled.

Ugh! I don't like all the kissy love stoof. Idk why, I just don't like writing them. But I guess I will, but not a lot. It just seems weird to me. Idk why.

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