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Stacy had so much running through her head. She didn’t think Marcus was harmful even with what happened when they took their daughter out together. Taneeka felt otherwise. She went crazy when Stacy had called her up, after her date with Jake, and told her that someone was following her. She wanted Stacy to call the police, even it was just to have it on record.

She would do something about it, but she felt like there was already too much going on in her life. She explained to her bestfriend that all she wanted to do was get through Christmas with her friends and family. All the drama and problems could wait until the new year. They ended their talk with Stacy inviting Taneeka over for dinner the next day. Taneeka quickly forgot about Marcus, and was congratulating her friend for reuniting with Jake.

Now they were both in the kitchen cooking. Stacy’s mother was in the living room with a date of her own teaching Ebony Christmas carols.

“So this is a pretty big step. You know, having him meet Ebony.”Taneeka said as she stirred a pot on the stove. Out of the two Stacy was the better cook. Stacy was a good cook, but learned out necessity. Having a daughter to feed forced her to pick up a cookbook. Taneeka was single and spent most of her time eating microwave dinners or fast food. She arrived early to give more moral support, than help preparing dinner.

“Yea I guess it is. But after him saving him, and all we’ve gone through I feel like I can trust him.” Stacy replied. Taneeka got a sneaky smile on her face. “What are you cheesing about?”

“I think Stacy is in looooove.” Taneeka teased. Instead of denying it Stacy just said “SO.” The girls laughed and hugged and laughed some more.

“I haven’t said anything to him and I don’t plan on it. I won’t be the first to say it, but hopefully he does eventually say it.” Stacy said, ending their cheerful laughter with a serious note.

“He has already showed it.” Taneeka said as Jake walked in the kitchen.

“He has already shown what?” Jake asked smiling. Taneeka jumped and Stacy let out a small yelp. Her mother came in the kitchen behind him.

“You two were laughing so loud, I guess you didn’t hear him at the door. So I let him in,” her mother said. Stacy gave Jake a hug and a small kiss. There was no more need to introduce her to her mother since they had already spoke in the living room. She did introduce him to Ebony and let him with everyone while she finished cooking.

When she came to announce the food was ready, she came in the room to find Ebony in his lap as they all sang carols together. Stacy smiled and thought to herself, how this was a scene she wanted to see year after year. After they ate, Jake whispered to Stacy that he had a surprise. He had brought his santa costume with him, and if it was okay with her he was going to dress up for Ebony. She thought the idea was wonderful. He snuck out the back door to get ready. The doorbell rang, and playing the part she acted confused. When she opened the door, Jake came in dressed as Santa.

Ebony screamed and ran up to him. It seemed like she must have sat on his lap for 30 minutes rattling off what she wanted for Christmas. Right before it was time for Santa to leave he reached in his pocket and pulled out a mistletoe and held it over Stacy’s head. Everyone started to oooh and ahh. Half smiling and half laughing the two kissed.

“Look Grandma, Its mommy kissing Santa Claus!” Ebony said with excitement.

AN: I hope the ending wasn't too cheesy! That was the end of Jake and Stacy's Christmas story. I will be picking up with a new book involving them in January. Marucs isn't going to be too happy about their relationship. I will update this story with an epilogue when I start the sequel.

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