*knock *knock

"Hello who is it!" The person yelled from the other side of the door. What the hell?

"Could you at least open the door?" I sassed rolling my eyes. Oh wait, he can't see me.

"Not if your a fan!" He exclaimed. I chuckled shaking my head.

"This is going to be hard to believe, but I am friends with Niall. I used to share a flat with him." I explained. Hopefully he would believe me. There was a pause on the other side of the door and some whispering before he spoke up again.

"Dou promise? Because Uncle Si would kill us if we let in a fan." He said.

"I cross my heart and hope to die. I promise." I said.

"Okay." He said hesitantly.

The he opened the door with wide eyes.

"Hello beautiful who are you." He asked gesturing to come into the hotel.

"Hi I'm Anna you I bet your Liam Payne." I introduced myself. He laughed. "Why yes I am." He spoke in a fake posh accent. I chuckled for a minutes before cutting to the chase.

"Do you know where Niall is?" I asked.

"I do he is on the next level in room 203." He said pointing upstairs.  

I quickly thanked him, and headed off... that's before I realized that I had no clue where I was going.

"Hey Liam, can you come with me? I have no clue where I'm going." I said kind of embarrassed.

"Of course I will beautiful." I could feel myself blush. Liam could see it too and he couldn't stop smiling.

We finally got to room 203, then he let me go. As he turned I grabbed his hand and I asked it he would come in with me because I felt so natural around him. He just blush and unlocked the door. When Ni looked up he was so shocked and ran up to me with complete happiness.


I could feel that Nia;; had really missed Jillian.

He ran up to her picked her up spun her as she screamed with excitement, well both of them did. As that happened Zayn came running to see if everything was fine I told him it was. Then he looked over at Jillian and Niall hugging.




"Ohh Niall where did you get a beautiful girl from?" I asked eyes her up and down.  Niall told me that it was his best friend Jillian.

"Oh this is Jillian, the one who you al-." Zayn says.

"Zayn shut up before I make you shut up." Niall threatens. Jillian laughed slapping Niall telling him to be nice to me.

"Ok ok now I'm leaving use protection!" I yelled while throwing a condom at them.


"Hahaha ok ok I'll watch my back" I sarcastically said putting mu hands up surrendering playing along.

Anna's P.O.V

"Why don't we go downstairs with everybody else shall we?" Niall asks with linking our arms pretending were fancy or something like that. "Yes. Yes we shall Niall." While also linking my arm with him as we walk down the hall fancy and fall down the stairs miserably.

Ahh can't believe I only get to see him for a couple if weeks then I have to leave again. Ahh make the most of it I guess.


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