I continued to struggle against Mark. My dad was gone. They took him from me.I was alone. A sudden rage surged through me. A cool sensation went up my arms and I looked down they were blue. I elbowed Mark in his side and he let me go.

I grabbed him by his shirt before throwing him to the ground. He groan turning onto his back. I made a sword out of ice as I walked towards. I put my foot on his chest to hold him down. I raised the sword.

"Lidiya please." Mark said.


I turned around and saw Matt. His eyes met mine and I could see fear in his eyes. The sword in my hand melted away into a puddle on the ground. I looked in to the water and saw my reflection. I'm a monster. I teleported back to my house and made it inside. Using my magic to lock all the doors and windows shut.


After Lidiya left I went over to my uncle. I pulled him up by his shirt.

"What did you do?!WHAT HAPPENED TO LIDIYA'S DAD?!" I yelled.

"He's gone. And soon as we find the girl,she will be too." uncle said.

"No ones gonna find her and there damn well not gonna touch her!" I said.

"I was doing this to protect you Matt. That girl,you saw her! She was going to kill me. You saw how she looked! Their dangerous." he said.

I punched him in the face and he fell back down to the floor. My hand started to hurt but I shrugged it off.

"Lidiya isn't don't know her like I do." I said.

I walked away and hopped in a cab. I told him were to go.



I was sitting in the floor of my bed room.I changed back into regular clothes.The hold house was cold. Lonely. I held the necklace my dad gave me tight in my hand. I couldn't believe he was gone. What was I gonna do? I opened my palm and looked down at the necklace. I was going to find them, I would bring them back.

There was a knock coming from down stairs. I got up slowly and went down the steps, a ice dagger appearing in my hand. I made it to the door and opened it, my dagger raised. Matt stood out side still in his suit. He looked out of breath.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Lidiya I'm sorry-"

"Sorry for what? Sorry that your uncle worked with mine? That they both took my mother?!" I yelled.

Matt took a step back. Tears started coming down my face.

"My-my mom...they just took them. But I'm still here." I said sadly.

"They were protecting you. It's okay to be mad and upset-"

"I'm not mad or upset. I'm pissed off!" I said.

I walk past him and go outside.

"They took my family away from me, Matt! Can't you see? I am alone!"

"No your not." he said. I scoffed.

"Oh really?"

"Yes. I'm here."

I stared at him, a blank expression on my face. I feel myself change into my frost giant form.

"Look at me Matt. What do you see?" I asked.

He looked me up and down then looked me straight in my red eyes.


"Look closer...look at me!" I yelled.

"I am Lidiya!" he yelled back.

He took a few steps forward.

"All I see is you."

"This isn't me! This isn't the girl you grew up with Matt! This is the girl who is the daughter of a man who killed people. I killed people before Matt! Who your looking at right now is a monster." I said.

"Stop." he said.

"I'm a monster." I said.

"STOP!" Matt yelled.

He stormed over towards me and grabbed me by my shoulders. Anger was burning in his eyes and it scared me.

"You are not a monster." he said.


"YOU ARE NOT A MONSTER! You are that little girl that I grew up with and love. You are the daughter of two amazing people who had done almost anything to protect you. Yes, they hid the truth from you. But something's you didn't need to know. You are not a aren't dangerous. And you are not a monster. And you never will be."

I was lost at words. I stood there frozen. Matt leaned his head against mine and closed his eyes. His hands left my shoulders and rested on my waist.

"You look beautiful this way...never let anyone tell you different." He said.

Matt opened his eyes and all the anger had left them. They were back to their soft blue. His eyes glanced down at my lips then back at my eyes. He started to lean down and I titled my head up a little. His lips brushed lightly over mine before he pulled away. I could feel myself changing back.

"We should get inside." Matt said.

I nod my head and we walked back inside. I closed the door and locked it. I turned around and stared at Matt as he stared back at me.

"I'm gonna go to my room..." I said.

"Okay." he said.

I started making my way towards the steps when Matt grabbed my hand.

"We think of a plan to get your parents back... I promise." he said. I nod my head.

"Goodnight Matt." I said before running up the steps.

"Night Lidiya."

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