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Pen Your Pride

Song for chapter~La Da Di by Cody Simpson


Ok, I have made a good impression so far and I seem like I'm doing good. I pulled the French accent card and it worked like a charm.

We were on our way to the boardwalk. It was perfect timing because it was just a week before Christmas and I could bring up the suff she likes and get her that and she will love me and we will live happily ever after.

I already have the date planned out.

•First go to boardwalk and play some fun carnival games.

•Win her a stuffed something and make sure she picks it out so she doesn't hate it.

•Take her to go get pizza at the surprise location I have planned for her.

•At my surprise location, her 2 favourite bands come up and play while we slow dance.

•I end the date with a kiss.

It seems perfect

We finally reached the boardwalk and she started jumping up and down.


I offered her some cotton candy an she agreed. We shared some nice moments and some funny ones too.

Ok, time to go win her something.

"Hey, wanna go play that game?"

It was the original shoot the water at the target game.


We walked over to the game and he made us give him 3 tickets. One for each squirt.

When Kris tried, she made it twice. The third time, I pushed her so she couldn't make it.


"I wanted to get the penguin," she whines "and now I won't."

Ok, aiming for the target to get the penguin.

"I didn't do anything, maybe my masculine features will get it."

She started laughing hysterically. I took that as my chance to go for it.

I give the guy three more tickets.

Okay, you can do this Cameron.

One shot, made it.

Second shot, made it.

And third shot. It felt like the world was going in slow mo.

And I shoot and I score!


"What would you like dear sir?"

"I would like the penguin, please." I say with a smirk on my face.

He hands me the penguin. I hand it to Kris. She started jumping up and down.

When I was about to leave, the man secretly winks and me.

I start grinning widely.

Kris keeps on rambling on and on. But I was to happy to pay attention. I snapped out of my happy world and went back to reality.

"Thanks again, I can cross off getting a stuffed penguin off my bucket list. Now I only need one more thing to get done before this year. I set goals for my bucket list, you-"

I cut her off. "Whats the last thing?"

Christmas present, here I come!

"Oh, I always wanted a puppy, so I made a goal that I had to get a puppy before the year ends and since the year is about to end, I doubt I can make that come true."

Haha, I've got her Christmas present down.

"Hey Kris, I'm sure you will get that done by the end of this year. Oh and it's time to go."

"Aww but it's only 9. And we haven't eaten."

I just realised that we would eat really late today. Well, oh whale, it was worth it. (Yes, I meant oh whale.)

"Oh no, this was just phase 1 of the date. Get ready for phase 2."

Kris is in for one big surprise.


I am really going to love writing the next update for the next chapter.

By the way, the next update will probably be on Christmas or Christmas Eve so that's around what time it will be.


Love ya, MWAHH!


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