The Corleone Mafia Family - Chapter 2

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While going to school in real life, and completing the small, menial, tasks

Vito gave me, really kept me busy. I needed to be kept busy, to keep myself out of trouble.

Being a lawyer for the Corleone Mafia Family taught me lessons and life experience people that age do not usually get. There was still that girl, Elmo, that I would see every once in awhile on the group chat, or on the Facebook group wall. I decided to take a closer look and visited her profile. Woah. She was pretty...gorgeous. I've never seen a girl with those eyes, that smile, those lips, or that hair. I was head over heels in love, and I didn't even know her real name.

Her job in Corleone was the Family Therapist, to have members talk out their problems whether it be real life or online. What I would hear about her, is that she was amazing and could help anyone in anyway. I'll be honest, I came up with a random, yet lame, excuse just so I could introduce myself and talk to her. Even to this day, I don't know what in the world I came up with, but she bought it. I told her my name, and asked her how her day was going. I was blushing like a fool because I was finally talking to the girl I was madly in love with. Just with her words, she immediately solved my "problem" and we went on with our work...sadly.

The few times I talked to her, I always worried about messing up, or saying the wrong thing. When a boy is head over heels in love, he will do anything just to talk to her. Suddenly, the worst thing that could possibly happen, "Elmo is now dating..." Let me just tell you, it didn't say my name there. My pride and ego leveled, and my thoughts became twisted. Okay, random guy I've never introduced myself to, you just stole the wrong girl, from the wrong guy.

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