chapter 12

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Ya so I’m back might not be fast updates but ill update all my stories as fast as i can :)

     I lie on the moving cloud and wonder where I am. My back heals almost completely still some stinging and burning though. i stands up and look down at the brown dessert in front of me. The cloud shifts slightly and I jerk to the side. The wind is picking up. The cloud shifts and moves. I find myself running around as the cloud moves. The cloud moves from under me and I fall. I look down and see the ground moving closer and closer. I open my big wings and catch myself inches from the ground. I land on the ground and look around. There’s sand. Nothing, but sand. My stomach growls and I sigh “I might as well fly as long as I can. I fly up above the road and fly down it as the sun sets.

~life of a dark angle~

I pant and sweat and my wings give out I fall to the ground bracing myself for impact. I hit a hard concrete ground and I hear a cracking sound. I look down at my arm and its snapped. The pain sets in and I cringes and whimper. I close my wings and slide up against the wall of the ally I fell in. I breath heavy. I need water and food. Most of all I need to get home. I stand up holding my arm and I feel blood trickle down my leg. I don’t care I need food. I walk out on the side walk and people stare at me. I probably look like crap all bloody and broken. All I think is food… water… I need it. Someone bumps into me and I automatically fall. Im weaker then I think. The person doesn’t even stop. No one does they just walk around me as I bleed on the ground.  As I sit there some one steps on me and tells me to get out of the way. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PLACE CANT THEY SEE IM DIEING!!! Wait I cant die. Im already dead. I need food. My instincts kick in and I crawl threw the crowed into a store. I grab the few dollars I have in my pocket and grab a candy bar. I put the money on the counter and start eating the candy bar walking out of the store. I guess I could have chose something more healthy but hey I only had three dollars. Im back in the crowd my arm now heal but my leg keeps throbbing. I get pushed around and m,y head starts to pound. My vision turns blurry and with one push from guy im passed out on the ground……

~life of a dark angle~

I wake up in an ally way hearing the crackling of a fire. I look around and spot a guy my age sitting beside me. I sit up and look at him. He’s sleeping. He is only wearing a ripped long-sleeved dark blue shirt and ripped and dirty pants. The fire warms up the cold wet ally way. I look down and see I’m sitting on a mattress. Beside me there’s and apple. I grab the apple and poke the guy beside me. He stirs awake and looks at me. He smiles and I smile back. He has bright green eyes while mine are red. I can’t believe I have red eyes like didn’t sateen think that might be a dead giveaway that I’m not normal. I hold out the apple to him and he nods. I bight into the juicy apple. I smile and swallow. I feel myself getting stronger.

“Hi, my names Monte” he says smiling at me.

“I’m Zoe…” I whisper out. “How did I get here?” I ask taking another bite of the apple.

“I saw that guy push you and I thought I should help. I carried you over to where I live and wrapped your leg… I hope you don’t mind.” He says and smiles. I like his smile.

“No thank you. Some people can be very rude.” I said biting into the apple.

“well this is New York.” He said and put more paper on the little fire. I spit out the piece of apple!

“I’m in New York!!” I whisper yell. I can’t believe I’m in /new York! That’s so far from Jorvik! I jumps up and give Monte my apple.

“ thank you for everything Monte! I need to get home… ill remember you.” I say and smile at him. He nods and bites into the apple and waves. He looks sad. Ill remember him. I run out of the ally and up a fire escape to the roof. I open my wings and fly up through the clouds and try to find my way home.

Ok I know its short but its an update.

What do you think will happen to monte and will zoe really remember him?

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