3. New Mission

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Chapter 3

Alpha POV

Father Chaos asked Omega, Beta and I into his office. When we walked in, he looked really nervous. Uh-oh. He was this nervous only once before, and that was when an entire solar system was about to be destroyed.

"Lord Chaos, what is the matter?" I asked.

"I have a new mission for you."

"Then why are you so nervous?"

"You have to stop this planet from going to war, as it could destroy the entire planet," he said, ignoring my question.

"What planet is it?" Beta asked.

"Um, about that..."

"It would be easier if you just tell us."

He sighed. "Earth."

All three of us gasped and looked at eachother. This is great, we can finally see how the war with Gaea turned out. But then again, a war that could destroy Earth.

"Who is the war between?" Omega asked.

"Gaea has risen again, along with the giants and titans."

"Oh" Great response, I know. But what do you say when your worst enemies work together to destroy your friends and family.

"You may take the Olympia team with you."

"YES!" Omega shouted. "That means Hunteress can come!"

Ya. Omega has a crush on her for 1000 years, but they arent dating. (And people say I was dense.) I should probably tell you who all is on the Olympia team.

There is:

Huntress - Zoe Nightshade

Hunter - Orion

King - Theseus

Blacksmith - Charles Beckendorf

Angel - Bianica DiAngelo

 Argo - the original Jason

Bow - Michael Yew

Beauty - Selina Beauregard

Inventor - Daeladus

Pirate - Ethan Namaurak

"Alpha mm (mind message) the team, tell them about the mission."

"Yes sir."

"Get ready you three, you leave at dawn."

"But sir, I can't get up that early." I complained.

"Try setting your alarm clock for once."

"No thanks"

"Alpha, Alpha, Alpha, what will I do with you?"

"Send me on a mission to save Earth and us leaving at noon," I suggested.

"You leave at dawn, thats final."

"Spoil sport," I mumbled.

"What was that?"

"I'm going to bed." With that I walked out and went to sleep, wondering what happened to my friends.

And there. Sorry about the nicknames and if i misspelled some names.Comment if you enjoy and want me to continue. Thanks.

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