How You Two Sleep

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How You Two Sleep


You curl into his side your arms around his torso as his arm wraps around your shoulder. You use his chest as a pillow, sometimes his rock hard pecks hurt your ear; but you never complain because you love feeling close to him. He will kiss the top of your head and rub your arm until you fall asleep. Once you do he listens to your soft snores to relax him and he will soon drift into a deep sleep.


Luke lies on top of you or he wraps his arms around your torso and arms, as his legs wrap around your thighs. he does this so he knows you won't move (also you are a very reckless sleeper so this keeps you both safe), and knows your safe. He uses your chest as a pillow, so he can listen to the beat of your heart as he drifts away. You love this because sometime you'll bring your arms under his and play with the hair at the bottom of hi neck, also you love how the sweet smell of his cologne fills you nostrils as you board the boat to dream land.


You lie next to him, on your side as he lies on his back with one of his arms around your waist. Your guys' legs are in tangled and you have your palm on his chest as you two share a pillow. You get irritated at times because sometimes your head falls and his eyebrow piercing pokes you, but honestly you wouldn't be able to sleep any other way. Jai loves this because he knows he is needed, and if he ever has a nightmare he can easily pull you closer to him. You drift off to sleep by him humming your favorite song into your hair. And although you'll never admit it, you hum in your sleep and he finds it adorable and soothing that's another reason he loves when you guys share a pillow.


You two sleep facing eachother with your head curled into his neck and his head on the mattress. You two never really use the pillows they always end up on either side of you. Your arms are up and pressed inbetween your guys' chests, and James has his arms wrapped around your waist. James loves the feeling you give him when your in his arms, you love this because of his body heat. James always falls asleep first so you listen to the sound of his deep loud snores to drift away.


Spooning, he places both arms around your waist and you two share his pillow. Your cross your arms over his and let your feet tangle with his. He loves this because he loves feeling the curves of your body molded with his. You love this because you can feel his heart racing against your back, which is what gets you to sleep. He falls asleep listening to your tiny soft snores, which he finds very relaxing.

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