Chapter 5: Blaze Accepted?

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Chapter 5: Blaze Accepted?
5th period rolled around, they had a ten minute break. Mandy, Brandy and Princess were gossiping, as usual. "So Princess, what was it like being the PowerPuff Girls Z's only hope?!" Mandy asked. "Well, ya know. It's sorta my job no biggie" Princess gloated. "What makes you think you're so special?" Blaze asked darkly with her hood up. Princess glared. "And I suppose you think you are?" Princess asked. "Not really, but, all I see in you, is a spoiled rich brat, with no heart." Blaze answered. Princess gasped and Blaze started to walk away.
"Can you believe that?! She's thinks she's so smart! Would you talk to a powerpuff that way?!" Princess demanded from Brandy. "No, uh princess! I think you're thoughtful and gorgeous!" Brandy lied, but she lied to Princess all the time just to make her happy. Then 5th period started. Every time Blaze looked up, she saw Princess glaring at her.
"That Princess girl is giving me the creeps" Blaze thought. All the students finished, and school let out. Some of the kids including Buttercup and Blaze stayed after school to use the field to play sports. They decided to play soccer. Blaze and Buttercup were opposite teams. "May the best team win!" Buttercup said brightly. Blaze just glared at her. "Okay then..." Buttercup replied.
Blaze had nothing against Buttercup, but she wasn't a bright person. They all played soccer for awhile. They all got tired and the game was tied. They decided next point won. One of Blaze's opponents kicked the ball towards her aiming for someone els and Blaze stole the ball. She ran more then half of the field with a bunch of teenagers chasing after her.
Her only option was to kick it into the goal from awhile away. She kicked it strongly and Buttercup jumped for it, she stuck her foot in the air as she jumped and it skimmed across her cleat. The goalie jumped for it, it hit him in the nose and the ball landed in the goal. The goalie's nose started to bleed.
Blaze shot the winning goal and the game was over. "Good game!" Buttercup congratulated. "Umhumm" Blaze replied. "Geez" Buttercup added. Blaze was about to pass the school gate when Princess bumped into her. "What was that for?!" Blaze asked. "What was what for?! You ran into me!" Princess wined. But what Blaze had said was true, Princess did bump into her on purpose.
"That's a lie..." Blaze nearly said in a whisper. "How dare you accuse a Powerpuff of lying?! " Princess demanded. "Well i sorta didn't, cuz you're no Powerpuff." Blaze said, then walked away not wanting to continue the fight.
If you looked at Princess you would be able to tell she was angry, her face was almost red and her fists were shaking. She dailed a number on her cell and a limo came out of nowhere in less the a minute. She got home and threw a temper tantrum. "Maids I want you to get me Daddy's scientists NOW!" Princess yelled. "Yes mistress!" They all say in sync. One came back and escorted Princess to the Morbucks lab.
"Hey You know that super suit you built for Duchess? I want you to make it work for more then two little minutes! And make it orange in this design!" Princess demanded handing them a photo of Blaze's outfit.
Princess stormed down into the lab later that night. "Is it finished?!" She shouted. "Yes, Princess!" The scientist informed. "Okay where's the jump rope?!" She demanded. "What jump rope?" They asked. "This one!!!" She shouted giving them a picture. "We didn't make it..." They said. "Fine, you have 15 minutes to make it, I'm going to go straighten my hair and put in my contacts." She instructed.
She walked up stairs and pulled out her straighter, and straightened her hair, it was beautiful. She put her orange colored contacts and flipped the TV on. The was the "Newtownsville news" it was once again, The Gang green gang was stealing from a bakery.
The power puffs showed up and the news was cut off, and the show was returned. Princess ran back down the golden stairs, "Are you done?" She asked, "It's been 5 minutes." One answered. "YES OR NO?" She demanded. "Uhh no-" one was cut off by another slapping his mouth. "Yes, yes it's done!" The other bluffed. "Then give it to me NOW!!!" She shrieked. "Yes princess!" All four said. They gave her the cloths, she ran upstairs and changed, she looked quite convincing. The only thing was, he hair was redder then Blazes. Then took off flying. She flew off towards the bakery.
"Hey!" Bubbles cried being crushed by Big Billy, Buttercup wizzed over and kicked him off like a soccer ball. He went flying about a block away. Ace started hurling cards at Blossom, when one slit her skin. "Owwie! Paper cut!" She shouted. All of the sudden he stopped throwing, "huh?" Blossom asked to no one. He went flying barely over her head. Bubbles hardly got a glance when she asked, "Bla-" she was cut off with Buttercup jumping at her.
"Hey! We're on the same team!" Bubbles scolded. "Don't say her name until she's a official Powerpuff. That's not Blaze." Buttercup whispered. "What?" Bubbles asked. "Is that..." Bubbles asked "yes" Buttercup answered before she was lifted off Bubbles. Big Billy had come back and thrown Buttercup off 8 yards. Ivy ran over and used her pressure point to make her venerable. Buttercup collapsed, resistantly. "Hey back off!" Princess shouted with spunk. She whipped her with the rope and tried to tangle Ivy in it, but with no practice, and no real powers, she failed miserably. She hit Buttercup a couple times by accident and Ivy snatched the rope from her gasp.
Princess, weaponless, retreated hiding behind Blossom. "Who are you?" Blossom asked. "The orange Powerpuff, DUHH!" Princess replied in discuss."We'll talk about this later." Blossom answered flying off to help Buttercup who was being whipped by Princess's rope.
She gave a few blows to Grubber and Ivy with her Yo-Yo, and helped Buttercup up. They rushed over to Bubbles, who was trying to catch Lil Actoro. Buttercup set her hammer down and Blossom smacked him against it. Dizzy, he fell.
They all turned their attention to Billy. Buttercup flew over to him a picked him up with one hand by the collar. "Which will it be, go home or see my angry side and suffer?" She asked frustrated. "I'm going home." He replied.
She released her grip on him as he scurried away. They all turned their attention to Ace, being the only one left, he ran. "I got this girls!" Princess called. She ran after him and threw her jump rope behind her back to get a good swing, when instead she accidentally tangled Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup whom were right behind her.
They all tried to get each other lose while Ace got away. "Look what you did!" Blossom shouted at the top of her lungs. "Well never catch him now!" Bubbles wined. The tried to catch up, they were about to give up when they turned a corner to see Blaze dragging him along with his hands tried by her rope.
"Who are you?" Princes asked. "I think the real question is, are you trying to imitate me? Mrs. Morbucks?" Blaze asked. "Uhh no, I think you copied me!" Princess shot. "Wait, how'd you know my name?" Princess realized. "How do you think? Umma Powerpuff." Blaze answered. "And you're not." Blaze added.
"Go on home." Blaze shooed. Enraged, Princess left not wanting to get into a fight verses four super heroes.

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