Ghosted or just a waste

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Shattered's POV

"Alright killjoys! We are going to do a power update on each of you and as well as myself." I inform them into a line and dr.d asks me to be apart of it as well. "How about I do it this time." he whispered pulling me to the side. "You sure?" I ask worried about how this is gonna go. "Of course sweetheart I'm a long ole professional for this. I raise my eyebrows at him. "Story for another time." he waved off. I get in line next to tiger we smile and give a nod at eachother. it's been two days since I was brought out of coma.

The trusted three were watching as we did so. (horror rival, relapse symphony,and wretched.) the power update is to see how we are handling them and if we each had an extra ability. He goes down the row starting with deathwish. He asks questions and makes them preform with the ability. Then it goes down the row dramatic,harlequin,toxic, revenge and he stops at authority for a few. "Now authority I would like to ask how you did what you did during the meeting." she looked taken aback. "I don't know what you mean sir." he chuckles and pats her shoulder. "you can see people's past and future by just a touch well you also can slow down and speed up time and make someone forget what happened. Your a time lapser.use it for the right reasons.that goes for all of you." i gasp knowing what he is talking about.everyone else is just frozen.he paces back and forth.he starts back with death wish. "Not only can you controll people's emotions you can make them change course of can sense their intentions.your a fifth since twister." goes down the row again. "Dramatic not only mind controll,but you can levitate your whole body or any other object or body.levitater."

"Harlequin not only do you have telepathy,you can make things appear in picture form from your mind.telegraph form. Your a visionaire." toxic not only can you paralyze people,but you can also bend their blood. Your not only a stunner,but a blood bender." revenge you can make art in thin air,well you also can make any form of painting for illusions. Your a illusioner."

He stopped in front of tiger.b"not only a shape shifter,but a deminsional.if you think of any place when your in a different form you can make it appear. Such as a different scene." he gave her a smile for the first time in a while. Then he stopped in front of me. "sensful wisdom. Your words give people sense of things and act of persuading and leadership." he nods. "that's what makes a good leader he smiles. I smile back. "Now unbroken dreams have you been invisible for a while and quiet." he looks down the row intensively. No answer.

"Ok then she may not be here." he sighs. "Well since that other meeting.." deathwish looks down biting her lip. "We haven't seen her." what meeting? I thought. "The one where we determined tiger's fate if you died. We all got into an arguement and unbroken dreams made us all realize how unreasonable we were being and that it was uncalled for. She stormed out and after that we didn't see her the next day." Harlequin answered my thought. "Damn this could be trouble."

Dr.d murmured looking around and started pacing again.

Harlequin gasped and then she looked toward horror's direction,which made us look in that direction.his face pale and leaning against the wall. "Unbroken not only has invisibility,but she can go through portals and connect to the other worlds.she can see spirits and feel them physically. Its like an insidious in that form.Sometimes those portals can pull the person holding that ability to the worse place that they hate..." he trailed off. "she's an empath" How long was this meeting ago?" I breathe needing answers. There is a killjoy and family member in a crisis.all of us are now looking everywhere in the base for unbroken.

Unbroken's POV

I only had a limited amount of water and food.they feed me like I'm a dog. I've been through many tests. Now I'm back in the torture room again strapped in this damn chair waiting for korse to come beat the life out everyday.

My boots are badly scuffed. I look over my legs,which my jeans are torn,bloody at the hems and I have cuts and bruises on my thighs. I go to my upper and see that my shirt is ripped also and I have burn marks,cuts and bruises where I can see on my hips. My stomach have a big cut across it. My jacket has been ripped off and my arms have burn scars and places where I've been ejected. I don't know about my back or my face,but I hurt all over.

Korse finally comes in to do some more torture. "Now unbroken let's get started shall we." he laughs grabbing the red liquid syringe and jabbing it into my thigh. "You know I see in your eyes alot of pain." he smirks. "how does it feel to be weak?" that gets the daily beatings started and the questions. When he's done he spits kn my face. "You look wasted. Or maybe ghosted." he smirks. He leaves and the light dims. I slump forward. I don't know how much longer I can take its almost been two weeks now. Haven't they noticed.

"Unbroken dreams...." I hear a familiar voice trail in. My eyes couldn't bear to stay open so I fall into a darknening sleep.

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