Chapter 1 ♡

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Ch. 1

Kiera's Dad {Donald smith} to the right -->

Kiera's P.O.V

"Ke ! Come on hurry up we got a plane to catch !" my dad yelled from downstairs. I sighed as I looked back at my home girls.

"Ke were going to miss you" My two best friends Precious and Stephanie said. "I'm going to miss you guys too" I said to them and they helped me with my bags and suitcases downstairs.

"bye Keira llámame cuando llegues allí" Stephanie said. This girl stay speaking Spanish to me, then I looked at Precious "Call us when you get there girl, and do not forget about us" Precious said hugging me "You know I will never forget you guys, yall my girls" I said "Awhhh Ke" Stephanie said and we all pulled into a hug "Okay Kiera we got to go, yall hugged about a thousand times today, we got a huge mansion waiting for us in Georgia" my dad said and I sighed "Alright dad, buy you guys love you" I said to them while going into the car "Love you too" they said blowing kisses and we were on our way

"Did I really have to come too ?" I asked my dad. "Yes I cant just leave you here honey it's a big position their offering me over there, trust me you'll love it at Atlanta" he said and I sighed in disbelief and he rubbed my shoulders "It'll be okay kiddo" he said. I was hoping he was right.

We caught the plane and it took about 2 hours then we drove off to the mansion. Once we reached there I was amazed it was way bigger and better looking than the mansion back at home but I still wasn't satisfied "Oh come on that has got have change your mind" he said "When I get Stephanie and Precious back then I'll be satisfied" I said then I walked inside.

When I got inside it looked way better, I went down and their was a inside pool, then I went around the corner and their was a home theatre, I looked in the backyard and their was a big golf , tennis, and basket ball court. I went upstairs and already picked my bedroom, it was the nicest one for me. Their was like 4 other bedrooms, I don't know why my dad always got big ass houses for when It's just us two, he says he does it just for me, but I told him a hundred times I don't want all this just cause he was rich. I never liked telling people that my dad was rich, only because it would come along with fake friends and gold digging boyfriends. Precious and Stephanie were my real my friends , I knew then since I was 3 before my dad was a CEO for one of the biggest companies in the country.

I settled down all my things and flopped down on the bed and called Precious and put Stephanie on the line. "Hey" I said "Wassup girl ? you made there safely ?" Stephanie asked "Naw , she's dead" Precious said and I cracked up , Precious always was sarcastic to Stephanie "Whatever" Stephanie scoffed. "Yea I'm here safely Steph" I said "Is your house better than the one back here ?" Precious asked "Yeah way better, but I still don't want to be here, I'm going to this school called Mettle brook High, it even sounds ghetto" I said and they laughed "Don't worry girl, we'll visit you any chance we can get" Stephanie said. I then heard my dad called me for dinner "Thank you guys but I gotta go, dad is calling me for dinner" I said "Awhhh bye girl call us back when your done, we love you" Precious said "Love you guys too" I said then hung up.

"You called your girls yet?" My dad asked me when we are at the dinner table "Of course" I said picking at my food "Don't be down Ke , It will get better, trust me" he said "I know pops, you heard from mom yet ?" I asked "Yes, Matter of fact she called this morning" he said. I love my mom, she's my best friend. Me , her, and dad was all super close until she started taking cocaine and my dad divorced her and I had to live with my dad cause she was too addicted, but she's starting to get better now ever since my dad started paying for therapy sessions and rehab for her. It's sad cause her and my dad was perfect together. My mom was beyond beautiful , she's 5'4, light skin, long brown hair, with a big booty and my dad is a handsome man , he's around the chocolate skin tone, 6'0 , skinny but a bit muscular, and he's bald but he looks good with it  

"Why cant I ever talk to her?" I asked "Your mom still doesn't have her mind in the right place but she's on the right path" he said "I miss her" I said and he nodded his head "I do too, we just got to have hope in her" he said and I smiled, it's times like this I wish my mom could share with us.

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