Broken Beauty

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a/n - okay so i never ever write author notes, but i want to apologize for not writing in forever. sorry guys. feel really bad >.<

I was running. But I dont remember from who. The only sound was my feet hitting the pavement and the harsh intakes of air. The faint sound of sirens filled the silence. I ran harder, pushing myself further away. But i had no idea where i was going. All of a sudden a man came out of no where. He shoved me onto the ground and I came face to face with a gun. 

"Your know what the penalty is for running away" his deep voice grumbled. 

"W-what are you talking about?" I stuttered, never taking my eyes of the gun. His laughter filled my ears. He moved closer to me and the cold metal of the gun hit my head. 

"Do it." I said. And the loud bang of the gun joined the laughter. 

I woke up with a jump and looked around. 7:34am. The digital clock beside me read. I groaned and got up. The worst part about having nightmares is that your heart is beating at such a high rate that you get scared. I took a cold shower. I heard David tell me to get ready for school because the limo was ready. 

I dont understand why they spoil me. I havent done anything but ruin there stuff and be rude to them. I got ready in about 30 minutes and hopped in the limo. 


So its still my first week. And im pretty sure I have blended in well. I WISH! Rocking up in a limo did nothing at all to ease the looks i got. So instead of cowering away. I got out like a boss. Getting out and fllinging my bag over my shoulder and putting my sun glasses on, even though the day was gloomy and the sun was no where to be found. Strutting to the front of the school, i go to my locker and grab my books. By that time people are just looking at me. I dont exactly like attention because it makes me feel uncomfortable, it makes u feel like somethings crawling under your skin but you cant get it. 

"hey there" 

I spun around and saw Callum there standing in black tight jeans and a The Amity Affliction sweater. 

"hey dude" I say, shoving my headphones into my bag. 

"Whats up?:" He said leaning against the wall beside me. I laid my head against the wall to, looking up at him i let out a sigh. 

"the sky?" He chuckled and grabbed my hand. 

"come on, we got assembly and i am not sticking around for that" He led me to the front entrance and to his car. 

He lit a cigerette and handed it to me. I gladly took it and hopped into the car. 

"You are such a bad influence" i muttered to the cigerette in between my lips. He laughed and pulled the cigerette out and put it in his. 

"well your just going to have to deal with it" He said. 

After about 10 minutes he pulled up in a mall. We spent the whole day there mucking around and stealing random crap. We annoyed the staff until we eventually got thrown out. My bad was filled with random underwear, 3 packets of clothes pegs and 5 different shoes. We had chilled out at a random lake near by smoking the night away. 

Glancing at my phone. 3 misses calls. 2 from Chirstine and one from and unknown. 

1:34am. Laying back down on the damp grass, I glanced at Callum. His eyes were closed and he hummed silently to himself. It was strange, i met this boy yesterday. But i feel like we have been childhood best friends, i feel so calm and just myself. His eyes opened and he turned his head to look at me. His green eyes shimmered in the moon light and he grabbed my hand, closing his around it. 

"do your feel it?" he whispered. I nodded. 

And we lay there. Like we were best friends. My other half. Because he understood, the pain of being the outcast. 

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