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As my mother opened the blinds I flinched as the light was hurting my eyes. "Get up you're going to be late for the bus" I moaned and gave my eyes a minute to adjust to the bright light. She walked out of the room placing my ironed blue dress shirt and my nice black dress pants neatly folded on the bed.

I stepped out of the bed and placed my feet into my pink fuzzy slippers that lay on the floor. I walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face. I needed to look presentable on my first day in senior year at a new school. I got ready and placed my hair neatly into a ballerina bun and bobby pinned it in place.

My mom tossed me my lunch and an apple as I quickly grabbed my school bag and headed towards the bus stop. The bus had puled up and I quickly stepped on hoping to not to be an inconvenience to the bus driver. I looked at the students that sat in the bus. A group at the back that was very intimating with their feet on the seats and smirks on all of their faces, chuckled and whispered amongst each other and for some reason I knew they we're whispering about me. I started to walk to an empty seat when a voice called from my left. "You can sit here if you want" she seemed sweet so I sat down next to her. "What's your name?" She asked


"That's cool, mines Angela but everyone calls me Ang." she said very enthusiastically. I didn't say anything back. Giving her only a smile.

We arrived at school and the kids all got off of the bus. Ang gave me a wave and ran to meat her group of friends waiting for her outside the school.

I walked into the school and made my way to my locker I was assigned #225. I but my books in my bag and headed to class. My first class was Chemistry. I walked in and to an empty seat. Everyone was seated, except one. He wrote his name across the board, Mr. Davidson. He then proceeded taking attendance. One by one the students called out "here" at the calling of their name. "Elizabeth Stephens?" Mr.Davidson the room briefly. "Here" I called out in response

"It says here you are a new student correct?"

"Yes sir."

"I hope you enjoy you're time here ms. Stephens"

"Thank you sir"

He looked down once again at his clipboard and called out the last name on the list. "Harry Styles?" After a moment of no response he added "of course not." The door of class room burst open and there stood a dangerous looking boy. Tattoos covering his arms, a black t - shirt and aviators covering his eyes. His curly hair fell perfectly in place. "I'm here! I'm here!" He walked over to the seat next to me. "Nice of you to join us Styles" Mr. Davidson said with an unimpressed expression on his face. The curly haired boy smiled and took off his sunglasses revealing the most greenest eyes I've ever seen. He was unexplainably attracted. He was a boy my mother would not approve of. He looked at me still smiling he finally introduced himself "I'm Harry". He brushed his hair back with his hand. "Elizabeth" I managed to respond.

The whole time in class I couldn't help but glance often at his face. I never seen anything so perfect. His smile just lights up the room and everything about him makes my stomach flutter. The bell rang and he got up and walked out saying bye to me on the way out. "Bye" I said very shyly. I then realized that even if he did ever like me, which he wouldn't, my mother would never approve and I'd probably be kicked out of the house.

In walked to my locker and rummaging through the locker next to it stood Harry. I opened my locker and exchanged my chemistry book for my math books. I shut my locker door and headed to class. A voice stopped me from behind. "Elizabeth, right?" I stopped walking and turned around. "Ya." I said quietly.

"What class do you have?" He asked


"I do to. Can I walk you to class?"


He took my books and we walked quietly in the hall. He laid the books on my assigned seat and took his at the back of the class.

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