Forget The Horror Here: Chapter 22- Black Ice of Death

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"I think it's just us two left." I whispered to Greyson, wrapping my scarf around my neck tighter. We were crouched in between a pile of snow and a wooden fence. "We just need to stay quiet." I mouthed. He nodded his head. His cheeks were cherry red from the cold. We ducked down lower as a walker passed by several feet from us. My heart beat fast and hard in my chest. Our surroundings were too quiet for our comfort, causing us to be on extreme edge. We jumped a little as an arrow went through the dead woman's skull.

"Found you guys." Daryl smirked at us over the snow mound.

"Damn it!" Grey exclaimed throwing a handful of snow at him.

"Hey! Watch your mouth, asshole." I smiled at Grey, patting his sock capped head. "Were we the last ones?" I asked Lori.

"No. Sophia and Carl win again."

"Damn, those kids are good!" I dusted off my snowy butt and legs. From the other side of the park we could hear Sophia and Carl cheering.

"Oh yeah! We win again! Ha ha! In your faces!" Sophia celebrated in a sing-songy tone. Carl laughed as she slipped and fell into the snow. We watched him help her us and her push him down once she had regained her balance.

"We'd better be heading back." Lori said. We were all getting cold. "Carol and Andrea will probably be done with dinner by the time we get back. The guys should be back from hunting soon, also. And don't forget to watch for black ice, guys." she reminded us for the 3rd time today like the mom she is. They got into their car, and Daryl and I got on his motorcycle.

"When are you gonna teach me to ride this?" I asked, wrapping my arms around his middle. He looked back at me and smirked.

"Maybe when the weather warms us and there isn't as much ice for you to slip and die on." He answered, starting it up. "You have trouble walking in snow, let alone riding in it." He joked.

"Hey! Shut it Mr. I-Can't-Walk-Over-A-Frozen-Creek-Without-Freaking-The-Fuck -Out! You have no room to talk!" I hugged his torso.

"I just don't like water very much, that's all."

"Excuses, excuses." I said into his ear over the roar of the motorcycle. We followed the car back to the farm house we were living in. A well provided us with water for showers and drinking water. It was two storied with lots of bedrooms and a nice kitchen. The second story bathroom had been turned into a gun and other weapons closet. The kitchen had been cleaned up and stocked with canned foods and cooking materials. We were lucky to have found a home that wasn't in shambles and/or over run by the dead. We parked our vehicles in the long driveway before heading inside. We were greeted by the smell of food and a warm fireplace.

"Hey Andrea." I greeted her, picking up a stack of plates and silverware. "How are you feeling?" I sat the table alongside her.

"Better than I was. Morning sickness is hell." She replied, sitting in one of the dining table chairs. She gently rubbed her protruding belly. "It'll all be worth in the long run." Carol put the food on the table as we talked.

"Children are a blessing, even if they cause you pain and frustration." She said, smiling at Sophia who was putting cups on the table.

"Ok everybody. Dinner's ready." Lori climbed half way up the stairs. "Carl! Greyson! Dinner!" She called. The two boys came running down the stairs, trying to push in front of each other. "Boys, this is a home not a zoo, now go wash your hands." The two quickly settled down and obeyed her orders.

"They're home." Daryl said, peeking around the kitchen door. The front door soon opened and in walked Shane, Rick, and T-Dog.

"What took you guys so long?" Andrea asked as Shane gave her a kiss on the cheek.

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