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Zayns pov

"Amy Hunter, will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?" I asked Amy getting on one knee and pulling a small black box out of my pocket. She was surprised and was about to say something when a voice I dreaded came around."Don't even think about saying yes!" Perrie yelled pointing at Amy."Who are you?" Amy asked taking my hand."I'm Zayn's future wife!" Perrie said folding her arms. Amy looked at her in confusion."W..What?" Amy said dropping ny hand."Look here! Its proof!" Perrie said holding her left hand out. Amy dashed out the front doors."Amy!" I yelled as i jumped from the table."See what you did!" I screamed running out the door. I didn't fond Amy anywhere.

Amy's pov

When Perrie proved that she was Zayn's future wife. I ran out the doors and riped my dress so I could run. Tears filled my eyes. I ran down the road and I found my old house. I walked in and ran to my old room. To my suppries my bed was still their. I jumped on it and screamed my head off. I ran to the tree house where I first met the boys. I crawled into a ball and cryed myself to sleep.

~Some time later~

I woke to voices outside the little house. I jumped up and peered out the window. Zayn, Harry, Niall and Louis was outside. I whipped my tears that feel from my probably red, puff eyes. And walked out."Amy! Their you are! We were so worries!" Zayn said. I backed away from him and walked to the car. This was going to be hell.

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