2nd Night

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Two days have passed. There was no word from dad yet. It didn’t matter to me anymore. I’ve gotten over it.

Just another day in class. I wasn’t skipping this time. My classes later were going to be way too fun for me to miss. Yuuki and Zero were out of it, sleeping. I’m the only one of the team who wasn’t. Wakaba Sayori, Yuuki’s best friend and dorm-mate since junior high, was carefully watching over Yuuki. Yori, that’s what we call her, has short light brown hair, big hazel eyes and a cute appearance. I’d call Yori a normal person. She doesn’t go to the Moon gates to scream her head off for a Night Class boy. She says she thinks they’re “scary”. (Which they are.) But, that’s what I love about her! We were in the same class in junior high along with Zero and Yuuki. When she heard about my dad, she told me that I could talk to her if I wanted. And I did. Yori became like a second sister.

Zero usually sits in the back of the class. He thinks that the teacher won’t see him sleeping back there, but they always do. Yuuki and I sit with Yori near the center of the room. I sit next to a girl name Moore Fai. She’s my best friend and dorm-mate since, well, pre-school. We went to the same pre-school, she moved, and we were reunited in junior high. She recognized me but I didn’t. Mostly because she changed, a lot. She turned herself into a Goth girl. Her hair used to be strawberry blonde, now she dyed it black with sky blue highlights. I told her Goths usually have all black. She said she’s trying to prove a point to her folks. Fai also has like a purple sky-line eye color. Her name also used to be Lexica. She changed it to Fai because it was more Gothic. Can you see why I didn’t recognize her?

Fai thinks I’ve become an Emo because of the way I dress and act. I denied it and told her the only Emo person around here was Zero. She thought he was more tsundere than Emo. I said they are the same thing. But she doesn’t know him well enough. I wouldn’t say I am an Emo. I only wear punk Gothic clothes and colors.

History class was over. We got back our scores on the Pearl Harbor Test we had last Monday. Yori and I woke Zero and Yuuki up and told them about the test. Yuuki freaked but Zero wasn’t bothered by it. I sat in my seat with my arms resting on the desk. From the corner of my eye, I could see Fai reading in some sort of book. I wanted to know what she was reading because she looked pretty drawn to it. I didn’t need to ask because she knew and answers, “I’m learning how to use my new tarot cards.” She said. That was obvious. For a Goth girl like her, that is. “This kind is for determining future romances and destinies. Wanna try?” She then asks.

I shrug my shoulders. “Maybe later.” I turn my head to see Yuuki and Sayori. “Do you guys want your fortune told?” I ask them.

Sayori shook her head. “No. Not interested.” She then turns to Yuuki. “What about you?”

Yuuki hesitated. “I guess…Sure. It’d be fun.”

Yuuki and I switched seats so that Fai could do her thing. Fai pulled out a deck of cards and shuffled them. Then she shows the deck to Yuuki, face down, and spread them out like a paper fan. Her eyes shift to her book then back to Yuuki. “Pick…three.”

“Why only three?”

“That’s what the book says.” Yuuki hesitates. “Come on. Hurry up. I don’t have all day!” Yuuki nods and quickly picks her cards. Fai reshuffles the cards and places the deck on the desk. She turns to Yuuki. “Let me see.” Yuuki hands over the three cards. Fai places each one on the desk, still faced down. She glances at the book again. “Alright.” She tells herself and was silent. You could tell by the look on her face and her moving mouth speaking soundless words that she was silently reading.

I knew this was going to take a minute or two. I decided to say something to Sayori. “How’s your day been so far?” I ask her.

“Fine.” She said. “How yours going?” I shrug my shoulder and gave her a cornered smile. “What grade did you get on the test we took last week?”

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