Potter Stress Drama

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Recently James Sirius Potter, son of Harry Potter, was found with three girls. Accia Malfoy, Lana Dawn, and Chloe Moretz. Clearly he can't choose which one he likes.

I had an interview with all three girls. I asked them if they were dating James Potter.

Accia: "Yeah. So? Get over it. He loves me, and the other two girls need to back off. He's all mine."

Lana: "Um.... I love him.... and I need to be with him because of our child...... And he loves ME."

Chloe: "Wow. You need to ask that. He loves me. He's using the other girls. That's all."

Looks like James got himself in a mess. Three girls. He's in love with one of them. But which one??? Will it be 

Jaccia, Jana, or Jamoe? What will be the next ship? More on this story as it developes. 

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