The Brook's

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The Brook's

Chapter one

I step out of the house glaring at the sunlight as it beams directly at my face. I feel a breeze and shiver and go back inside my old Victorian house that me and my brothers live in. I grab my black leather jacket and put on my cool shades.

I'm running late for school but I quickly remember to put my switch blade in my back pocket. You may be wondering why I have a switch blade and why I'm bringing it to school. Well, I'm in a gang called the Brook's and we are the most top scariest gang in New York besides the gladiator's gang. No, we don't do drugs or sell them we aren't that kind of gang... Neither are the Sof's...

Anyway, the gladiator's are the "higher class" gang, they have all the "nice" clothes and there filthy rich... Don't let their looks fool you...

Some of them even tried hitting on me I know right me?? The little baby sister of the big bad gang, the Brooks? Who knew? My brothers got pretty mad when they did try hitting on me though, there so over protective since mom and dad died. Of course they were over protective before but, now there super overprotective they treat me like a baby.

I know I'm the youngest but I need my space sometimes... I don't even need their help against those idiots gladiator's, you see after my parents died my brother created the gang and trained me in fighting so I know how to fight. I broke Richard's face once, now that was funny... He still doesn't take the hint...

Let me introduce myself I'm Riley Anderson. I have a mixture between black and brown hair, I have grass green eyes that I get from my dad. I have three brothers, Xavier, Blake, and Carter. Xavier is the oldest at twenty-two; he takes care of all of us because our parents died in a shooting. I remember because I was there that day with my parents, that was the day that the nightmares started...


I was my thirteen year old self with no worries at all, no problems.

That was when I was young and innocent; I had to grow up fast after they died. I was going to the grocery store with my parents to get food.

We heard shots fired from the front of the store and my dad told me to stay here with my mother and to stay down. My mother and I were huddled behind a freezer we could see tons of people hiding from the person who was still shooting shots out one by one.

I look around at the people crying or freaking out. That was all the people including me and my mother.

I hear my dad scream out in terror and I look over and see he has been shot with a bullet to the head. With a pool surrounding him, his eyes are closed making him seem younger.

"Daddy?!" My thirteen year old self screams out

I run to him ignoring the gun man while my mother screams at me. I collapse next to him holding his hand.

"I need you Daddy please don't leave me please!!" I yell at his lifeless body.

My mother reaches me and yanks me back ready to run at any moment.

"Aw look at this family Nick, aren't they sweet? Too bad they have to die..." The sick gunman says.

I look up but I can't see him as he is wearing a ski mask. The guy next to him named Nick looks at me and smiles evilly he too is wearing a ski mask.

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