Chapter 9

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Chapter 9:

I started to run, and scream, pretty sure I was going to start crying at any moment.

OhmyGodohmyGod Was all that was going through my mind.

This is what I get for trusting Hunter, a pack of wolves ready to devour my body and soul.

I was fast, but not as fast as he was. He was right beside me in seconds. I tried to quicken my speed, but I wasn't sure how to control my new found super speed as well as Hunter-the-Psycho-who-wants-to-feed-me-to-the-wolves.

"Ava." He said to me, voice calm, and not at all out of breath.

I ignore him, and continued to run.

"Ava LISTEN TO ME." He said again,

I ignored him, again.

"Ava, turn around. If you don't want to talk to me fine. I can use a little run actually, but please turn around and you will see that there are no wolves. I PROMISE."

Shakily, I turned my head back. He was right, there was nothing there but woods,and more woods.

"I will stop running." I panted, "Only. And only, if you promise to not come any closer to me until I give you permission."

"I promise." He said.

I slowed my pace down and started in the direction away from him. When I came to a complete stop, I was gasping for air, hands on my knees and side hurting. I looked up and saw that Hunter was across from me, far, just like he promised.

"What the heck was that?!" I yelled at him.

"That was...Listen Ava, remember what we spoke about on the way back to your house?" He hollered back at me.

"NO!" I yelled "If you don't remember, I had some stuff going on afterwards. Like being in a coma, and my friends freezing in time!"

He put his hands up in defense, "Sorry! Okay, so we spoke about werewolves in the car. Well, they exist."

He put his hands on his hips and yelled, "You know this really isn't how I expected to explain all of this to you! Can I PLEASE come over to you so we can have a normal conversation?"

I sighed, "Fine. But stop walking when I say so."

He gave me a thumbs up and slowly started to come closer. 

I crossed my arms over my chest, "Speak." I told him.

"Okay, just hear me out and don't interrupt. Those wolves you just saw, they're not always wolves. Sometimes they're human. Once a month they Turn. On a full moon, every single month. It's called lycanthrope disorder, otherwise known as werewolves. I am one, and the guy who attacked you,Mike is one too. If you will notice, you seem perfectly fine, and all of your wounds have healed except for one; your neck. It has two nasty holes, and a bite mark. Those unfortunately will not fully go away, they will leave a scar,but nothing a cute scarf could cover up." He smiled at this, like he was proud of his joke. "Anyways, you have one week left until you reach the same reality as the rest of us. 

I wondered what it was he saw because honestly, I didn't know what I felt or what I believed. I mean, it's not like werewolves could be that far fetched from magical worlds, and warlocks. I believed that there was magical creatures, I just didn't want to BE a magical creature. I didn't even know anything about werewolves,let alone how to act like one. What do they even do, when they're not like, wolves? Do they go to school? Do they live in packs? What do they eat? Dear lord, what was happening with my life?

"Ava?"Hunter said softly, "did you hear me?"

I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at him. "Yeah," I said calmer than I felt. "I heard you. So, now what?"

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