Chapter 26

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Louis POV

We are going to the zoo today. I have to say I'm really excited but it's going to take a lot of effort walking around with 4 kids. 3 in strollers and 1 on my shoulders.

I packed up the car with diapers, lunches, waters, juice boxes, baby food, snacks and many more. I grabbed Nikki and ran out the house and strapped him in followed by her three brothers James, Blake and Kevin.

"Katie come on!" I yelled. She came out looked pissed.

"I can't find my sunglasses," she sighed and I looked up at her head which payed a pair of sunglasses.

"Mommy there on your head!" James laughed.

"Moms going nuts" I laughed.

"Indeed" she replied.

"But we will all still love you!" I said.

We jumped in the car and drove to the zoo.

Katie POV

I look to the back of the car to see 4 passed out children with their mouths dropped open.

"So what do you want to see first?" Lou asked.

"The rhinos," I said.

"The rhinos?" Lou questioned me.

"What's wrong with rhinos?" I replied.

"Umm nothing but that was pretty random you think." he said.

"I like rhinos do you have a problem with that?" I really like rhinos I don't no why.

"No I just said it was quite random"

"Well then what do you want to see?" I asked.

"The giraffes." he replied almost instantly.

"Their cool, but rhinos are cooler" I said and I turned to see him smiling at me. "Eyes on the road boy" I stated.

We arrived at the zoo with no traffic. I got out the three seat stroller and loaded a kid in each and Louis held Jimmy's handy

"You guys excited!!" I yelled.

"YES" Lou and Jimmy chorused.

"What do you want to see James?" Lou asked.

"The rhinos" he responded quickly. I laughed.

"You had to get that from your mother," Louis sighed.

"Don't be hatin on my rhinos" Jimmy said. me and Lou laughed until we reached the entrance. While we waited in line I adjusted my babies little hats from getting sun burned. My little babies are 7 months old now time has flied. From meeting Lou, having James, having the triplets my life has changed. Imagine if I didn't win that contest to meet one direction. I wonder what my life or Louis would have been like if we didn't meet. I can't imagine it.

We walked to see the rhinos, I jumped with joy as we reached the gate.

"Here is our female, and our new baby male." the zoo keeper instructed.

"Mommy look its me the little rhino me and the mommy rhino is you to bad there isn't any other rhinos then it can be our family." I laughed at his observation.

"I'm bored can we go see something else now" Louis complained.

"Jeez fine loser" I said and stuck my tongue out.

Louis strolled the babies out of the exhibit while I took Jimmy's hand.

"We will come back soon to see you again," James yelled to the rhinos.

We did half the zoo and were to tired to go on so we walked back to our car.

When we reached the car we loaded the kids up. I went up front with Lou and watched the zoo disappear as Louis drove away.

I looked back to see everyone passed out from the long day at the zoo. I soon found sleep too as we drove along.


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