Volturi's Bella

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Jason pov

I moved my mate behind me as a messy unusually brown haired Cullen grab my mother as she was running passed him. I watch as my mother fought to get out of his grip, but every twist and turn she had made had the guys gripping tighter and tighter to were cracks started to form on her whole arm.

I put my hand on my mate's hip and pushed her in the general direction of my friend James ,who had Beth behind him as well, as I caught the sight of my venom father, Caius Volturi, and my step-dads in a attack position.

I turn my attention back to the scene as I heard a ear piercing scream fill the room. I growled and myself and a fighting crouch as I saw my mother on the floor with one arm unattached and the other in the guys hand who wore and a big smirk on his face. As I was about to attack the she-male that had dared to lay a hand on my mother I saw Jasper's body become straighter as if he was a completely different person. I watched as his eyes flicker from red to an reddish-black as if he couldn't choose which one to be.

"Boy you just made the worst mistake in your life, "Jasper said in an unfamiliar country accent as his eyes stop flickering from the two colors. I blinked my eyes one...twice...three times as I looked at the color of his eyes they weren't red to tell that he
was a human drinker, they weren't black to tell that he was hungry or angry. No, they were that reddish-black color but as I looked into them I got a runaway feeling.


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