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"So this is our new home," Seth muttered to himself. He was the eldest of the quadruplets, he deserved to be the first to approve of anything.

"Wow... It's huge! Like, like... A mansion!" exclaimed Maxine, though she preferred to be called Max. She was the second youngest.

Both Amaranth, the second eldest, and Evan, the youngest, stood behind their new adoptive parents. They stared in awe at the huge mansion, and Amaranth gaped at the front garden.

"It's both yours and ours now," Ellen, the adoptive mother said to all four of them. Ellen was an interior designer and her husband, James, was a famous photographer.

Maxine turned back to her, "Really?!"
"Yup," James stated, lifting her up on his shoulders. "Now how about we look inside and see you guys' bedroom."

Amaranth tugged at Ellen's skirt, while still looking down and hugging her teddy bear, rightfully named Snuffles.

Ellen looked down at her, "Yes, sweetie?"

"Mama, doesn't this house feel empty and desolate sometimes?"

Ellen stared at her for a while, not only because she was formulating an answer, but because a six year old knew the word 'desolate'.

"Well, sweetie, it feels like a princess' castle at times."

Amaranth looked up at her, "So... Cold, dark, claustrophobic, used for escapism and protection. It was mainly used to protect the king in the Medieval period. Because they were constantly under attack. And feudal warfare was... Different."

Ellen wondered why a six year old knew all this.

Amaranth looked back down at the ground, "Do you have a library in there?"

James looked back from the door and responded, "Yeah, but nothing you'd specifically read. All the books in there are old, and they have a lot of big words. Like promises."

Amaranth glared at him, "Hippopotomonstrosesquipadaliophobia is a long word. Thirty five letters to be exact. It ironically means the fear of long words. But there are many long words. Evan, what was the name of the fear of triple six again?"

Evan finally looked up, Maxine and Seth turn around. All of them had a spark in their eyes and said in unison, "Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia. Twenty-nine letters."

Maxine added, "The fear of the number thirteen is Triskaidekaphobia. Seventeen letters. The fear of Friday the thirteenth, however, is paraskevidekatriaphobia, twenty-three letters, coming from the Greek word for Friday, paraskevi. It is also friggatriskaidekaphobia, also twenty-three letters, coming from the Norse goddess Frigg, named Friday in English. The term for this fear was first used by is Isador Coriat in Abnormal Psychology."

Amaranth then turned back to James whose mouth hung ajar.

"Now may we go into the library, pater? We'd like to finish reading Dan Brown's Inferno if you do have it. And please do close your mouth, pater. I know I am but a puella, and they are puella et juveni, but there is something in law and Latin that intrigue us."

Ellen's eyes were wide after hearing what came from these four six year olds' mouths. Both Ellen and James had wondered what they had got themselves into as soon as they heard them speak in that manner. They were all to be sent to first grade, but this would've proven a challenge considering their level.


At the first day of first grade:
"Okay class, today we'll be introducing ourselves. We'll be starting with you four in the first row. Please tell us your names, ages, birthdays and something about yourselves."

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