"KIA WAKE UP!?" Mia screamed as i opened my eyes.

"What Mia?" I whined as I rolled out of bed.

"WHERE GOING TO THE LEAF VILLAGE TODAY?" She said in her happy-go-lucky voice that made me so annoyed that i wanted to kill her.

"Oh, yeah, i almost forgot." I said dreading leaving my brother. He isn't really my brother but he raised me up until now. I got up and walked over to the door as Mia walked out and shut it. My brother may have taught me not to have emotions  but that does't mean i don't have any.

I walked out to the bathroom with a pair of clothes in my arms. I got to the bathroom and there was a line and tobi was trying to hold his blader and not pee every where. Damo stood in front of me glaring at the ground. Then the door open and deidara walked out and tobi ran into the bathroom.

"Hey baby danna how you feeling?" I looked at deidara and raised an eyebrow. his face dropped. " Forgot danna taught you to hate the world my bad?" he said about to walk away, but before he could I talkled him in a hug.

"Bye Dei I'll miss you." i said then l let go and fell back to my spot behind Damo who was still glaring at the ground.


After an hour of waiting to use the bathroom i finally got my chance and walked inside to the bathroom and turned on the shower and hopped in when i was done i grabbed my clothes and pulled them on. I walked out as my belt chain hit the side of my leg. As i got to the living room i heard Damo fighting with Konan about leaving.

"Fine then I'll be happy when i don't have to look at you any more!" I heard him scream and he pushed passed me. I looked at my brother who was sitting on the couch.

"If you even think about acting like him I swear you will wish you were dead." Sasori said. I looked at my brother and walked over to the couch and layed my head down on his sholder kicking my feet up onto the rest of the couch using his arm as a pillow that didn't work so well seeing how he is a puppet. He smiled at me and pulled up on to his lap. i curled up in a ball as he hugged me even if he is my 'brother' he actully is more like a dad then anything.

"sasori do I really have to go?" I asked.

"sorry Kia but you have to go." i looked at my brother who looked as sad as wood can get. "Go get breakfast Kia." I sighed and got up sulking to the kitchen.

I grabbed some of Tobi's leftover dango and ate it walking out to the living room to meet my team mates. I looked Damo who was glaring at the ground as usual and walked to the door with them right behind me.

"Kia, Mia, Damo wait." we turned to see itachi. He handed us a scroll some kuni and gave us each a katana our own katana mine a red yagura no tachi Damo's a blue uchigatana gin tsubasa and Mia's a green honekazari no tachi. I unshethed mine and stared at the beautiful blade and smiled at it's beauty i resheathed it and tied it to my belt and walked away as my commards thanked itachi. me smiling should be thanks i usually don't talk or smile. So yeah im the girl version of sasori.

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