Part 1

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Lily's P.O.V

"MOM!!!" Do not touch my daughter like that!!!! Liz is my little sister. Ive taken care of her for my entire life. My dad died when I was 7. So I don't remember very much about him. Once he died my mom found out she was having my little sister.

Once Liz was born my mom started doing drugs. She was getting drunk every night. Thats when she started abusing me. She would through me against the wall and slam my head yelling if dinner wasn't ready for her.

I was 17. I promised Liz things
would get better. Finally I turned 18 and adopted Liz. Every once in a while we visited mom for the night.

After we left my mom didn't eat. She turned depressed. She never took her pills. When we lived there we were her pills she was addicted to beating us. Now she has nothing. No one, because no one wants her either.

Liz's P.O.V
Lily has always taken care of me. I really don't know why I touch her stuff. Its just so pretty! Ive always wanted yo grow up and be like her. She is going to college next year. I start the 11 grade.

Im a good student. Lily always tells me to get good grades, pay attention, and read everything I can so I can get better! Im a straight A student so she doesn't worry about that. The only thing she does worry about is how my childhood has to be perfect. I love her and all but Im very spoiled I get anything and everything I want!

One night Lily came up stairs to my HUGE room when i was getting ready to go to bed. We were talking like best friends because she is my best friend. All the sudden she said my worst nightmare!

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